Janet Montgomery Janet Montgomery

Still got your wallet? Hot Brit import Janet Montgomery — one of the stars of the Natalie Portman Oscar-buzz movie Black Swan — has joined Human Target as a cocky superthief simply known as Ames. "She was caught by the team in the middle of a heist, and she never gets caught," says Montgomery. "She's really impressed by that. She wants to learn from the guys. She's also looking for redemption."

The impossibly moody Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) is especially taken with Ames, but Montgomery swears there's no attraction there. "I don't think Ames sees any of the guys that way," she says. "I'm not saying she's the Virgin Mary, but men are not her priority."

That's not the case with Montgomery's other TV role — Eric's übercompetent assistant Jennie on Entourage. Late last season, Jennie sparked with Johnny Drama. Will love bloom when the show returns for its final season? Montgomery hopes so: "As a fan, I've always wanted to see Johnny with someone nice who really cares about him," she says. "Us English girls love our comedy men. We're not about vanity. We're about finding a man who can make us laugh."

Human Target airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox

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