New Adventures of Old Christine
If  New Adventures of Old Christine is supposed to be about a divorced woman who has some new experiences in the dating world, then why do the jokes just seem so old? There is nothing really wrong with this show, aside from its cumbersome title, but yet there is nothing quite right, either. It is just... average.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' antics and pratfalls seemed forced or rehashed. Was there anyone watching who didn't think of Elaine's bad dancing on Seinfeld when Christine was doing her supposedly sexy shoulder shake? And I couldn't help but be distracted during several scenes in the second episode where Christine is wearing dangly earrings and one is obstructed and appears missing. It was completely the focus of my attention while she was talking to her family about her dirty sex talk. That's not a good sign. Speaking of her family, her home life on this show is more than a little bit forced with the live-in brother, the precocious kid, the ever-present ex and the ex's new chippy, who is conveniently named Christine as well (go figure). But the dating bits and discussion have some potential. If bizarrely inappropriate guys like Andy Richter's "sad dad" keep coming around, Old Christine might get the new lifeblood it seems to so desperately need. Angel Cohn