[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Warrior Nun. Read at your own risk!]

This is an official petition for Netflix to renew Warrior Nun for Season 2 so we can make sense of everything that happened in that insane season finale. The supernatural series delivered one hell of an ending with the disorienting reveal that Father Vincent (Tristan Ulloa) was the bad guy all along. To be fair, he seemed too nice to be that genuine.  

Father Vincent has been working alongside Adriel, the angel believed to have created the warrior nuns by bequeathing Areala (Guiomar Alonso), the first of their kind, his halo more than a thousand years ago. But in another shocking twist, we also learned that Adriel is actually a devil, as Ava aptly put it, so there's a good reason he's been locked away in that tomb for a millennia.

According to series creator and showrunner Simon Barry, those revelations are a completely game-changer for the nuns in a potential second season. "Everything has been changed for the OCS and so, they have to deal with a complete reversal of their existence. They used to be this secret sect. They used to be protected by the church, and now they are kind of adrift on their own," Barry told TV Guide.

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If the show does return for more episodes, Alba Baptista, who plays Ava, said she would love to delve more into her character's supernatural abilities. "I would love to explore Ava's powers more…Perhaps other facets of her powers, which I think there's still an ocean to explore there," Baptista explained.

Meanwhile, Toya Turner revealed that she would love to dig deeper into Shotgun Mary's backstory as well see the nuns venture out into the real world more often. "I know a lot of girls don't get out much in the group. It'd be nice if they were able to do that more," Tuner said.  

Here's hoping there's also more demon-fighting in potential new episodes.

Season 1 of Warrior Nun is now streaming on Netflix. 

  Toya Turner and Alba Baptista, <em>Warrior Nun</em>  Toya Turner and Alba Baptista, Warrior Nun