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The Top 10 Most Popular Shows and Movies on Netflix Today, May 25

Wrong Side of the Tracks, Ozark, and Jackass 4.5 all made the top 5

Allison Picurro
Will Smith and David Letterman, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman

Will Smith and David Letterman, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman

Ser Baffo/Netflix

Almost two weeks after its premiere, David E. Kelley's network-style drama The Lincoln Lawyer is still at No. 1 on the Top 10 Most Popular Shows and Movies on Netflix. The Spanish drama Wrong Side of the Tracks follows at No. 2, the final season of Ozark at is No. 3, Jackass 4.5 is at No. 4, and Senior Year comes in at No. 5. At the end of the list, Love on the Spectrum U.S. reenters at No. 10 after falling off yesterday. Of course, this is all the calm before the Stranger Things storm, which drops its long-awaited fourth season on Friday.

But of the Netflix Top 10, which shows and movies are actually worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix Top 10 list and guide you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix's Top 10 TV shows, as well as Netflix's Top 10 movies. We also have recommendations for the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix to watch right now. 

Based on Netflix's Top 10 from Wednesday, May 25

1. The Lincoln Lawyer

For fans of: Network dramas made for streaming | Is it good?: It's peak dad TV

Netflix doesn't do a lot of network-style dramas, so this legal drama from prolific writer-producer David E. Kelley stands out. Long before he became the Big Little Lies guy, Kelley dominated the lawyers-on-TV space with L.A. LawThe PracticeAlly McBeal, and Boston Legal, among others. This is his return to the genre. The Lincoln Lawyer is based on a bestselling novel series by Michael Connelly, who also created Det. Harry Bosch, and follows Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a Los Angeles defense attorney who doesn't like defending people who are guilty. He was previously played by Matthew McConaughey in the well-liked 2011 movie of the same name. (Yesterday's rank: 1)

2. Wrong Side of the Tracks

For fans of: Tough grandpas, cartel stories | Is it good?: It's gripping

In this Spanish drama, a grizzled war veteran sets out to protect his granddaughter after she becomes involved with the local drug cartel. (Yesterday's rank: 3)

3. Ozark

For fans of: The color blue, money laundering | Is it good?: It is the perfect show for people who love this type of show

Jason Bateman plays a normal-seeming guy who moves his family to the Ozarks after he gets in too deep with a money laundering scheme and a drug cartel. It's Netflix's blue-tinted answer to Breaking Bad, and the second half of the final season is here. Do the Byrdes finally get their wings clipped? (Yesterday's rank: 2)

4. Jackass 4.5 

For fans of: Dudes, laughing and cringing simultaneously, mortality | Is it good?: It rules, as does every Jackass installment

The whole Jackass crew takes you behind the scenes of 2022's Jackass Forever, showing many of the wild, elaborate stunts that were cut out of the final movie, and expanding on the process behind them. It's essentially a movie made up of DVD extras, but you won't catch us complaining about that. (Yesterday's rank: 5)

5. Senior Year 

For fans of: Adults in high school, comas | Is it good?: Nah

Rebel Wilson is back! Did you miss her? Well, in any case, here's a movie where she plays a cheerleader who falls into a coma for 20 years and wakes up as a 37-year-old woman, ready to finish high school. You'd think they'd let her do it online or something, but then we wouldn't have this movie, would we? It's a pretty big stinker, but Sam Richardson is in it, and I love seeing him in stuff. (Yesterday's rank: 4)

6. The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib

For fans of: Babies who are bosses | Is it good?: You probably have to be a kid to enjoy this one

Teach your kid about white collar crime with this series about adult Ted Templeton reverting back to his alternate Boss Baby persona after he's framed (!) for embezzlement (!!). To hide out, he goes to live with his brother and poses as one of his children! I can't believe that's what this show is about. (Yesterday's rank: 7)

7. A Perfect Pairing

For fans of: The Simple Life, cowboy hats, ranches | Is it good?: It's definitely not Netflix's worst original rom-com

Victoria Justice plays a Los Angeles sommelier who tries to secure a new client by traveling to Australia to work on their farm, doing manual labor for the first time in her life. And as if that weren't crazy enough, she also strikes up a bond with the hot ranch hand (Adam Demos). I wonder how this one will work out. (Yesterday's rank: 6)

8. Who Killed Sara? 

For fans of: Seeking vengeance, melodrama | Is it good?: It's a solid and compelling revenge mystery

This Mexican crime series follows Alex (Manolo Cardona), a man who sets out to exact revenge on the people who framed him for his sister's murder. In Season 3, Alex is still trying to clear his name while reckoning with the troubling things he's learned about his sister's past. (Yesterday's rank: 8)

9. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction 

For fans of: Celebrity interviews, David Letterman | Is it good?: Yeah, famous people open up to Dave

David Letterman and his big, white beard are back for six more episodes of in-depth conversations with very famous people. His guests this season are Cardi B, Kevin Durant, Billie Eilish, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Smith. In the release announcing the season, Netflix makes a point of noting that the interviews were taped prior to March 2022, which means Will Smith will not be talking about The Slap. (Yesterday's rank: 9)

10. Love on the Spectrum U.S.

For fans of: Dating shows that actually make you feel good | Is it good?: It's heartwarming and moving

Love on the Spectrum, the Australian Netflix series about dating on the autism spectrum, has come to America. Love on the Spectrum U.S. follows singles who are looking for love as they step into the dating pool. Experts and their families are on hand to offer help and advice, but, refreshingly, the perspectives of people with autism are the focus here. (Yesterday's rank: n/a)

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