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The Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week – On My Block, The Highwaymen

Nothing but fun stuff this week

Liam Mathews

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on the streaming service the week of March 29-April 4.

This week has a lot of fun stuff. No depressing documentaries or grim true crime stories. The requisite true crime doc is about some goofy guys from Florida trying to be drug kingpins. On My Block gets heavy sometimes, but it's mostly a comedy. Santa Clarita Diet gets gory a lot of the time, but it's very much a comedy. Whether or not Kevin Hart's sense of humor is for you, you have to admit that his comedy style is maximum entertainment. He's not trying to make you applaud or think, he's trying to make you laugh. Apparently people like to have fun! (I don't know from experience, because I mostly watch documentaries about all the ways the world is falling apart.) If you like fun, watch these. If you need help finding something that's no fun, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, March 29 unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

On My Block, Season 2
Season 1 of this young adult series about kids coming of age in a rough part of Los Angeles was one of Netflix's sleeper hits of 2018, and its cliffhanger ending that left the fate of Ruby (Jason Genao) and Olivia (Ronni Hawk) up in the air after they were shot left fans wanting more. Well, the trailer above reveals their fate, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't watch it. But it's no spoiler to say that Jamal (Brett Gray) is better integrated into the main story in Season 2, as his friends help him deal with the problems created by the Rollerworld money he unearthed. And it's definitely no spoiler to say that there are laughs and tears aplenty in almost equal measure.

The Highwaymen
Dad movie alert! Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson play Texas Rangers who are getting too old for this s--- but won't let that slow them down in this historical crime flick. The Highwaymen is based on the true story of Frank Hamer and Maney Gault, the Texas Rangers who tracked down and killed the notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. You know Bonnie and Clyde's story. This is the other side of it. The square, Kevin Costner, grumpy lawman side. (Trailer)

Everything Else

The Legend of Cocaine Island
The newest lane Netflix has carved out for itself is "funny documentaries, often set in the Caribbean." This doc tells the true tall tale of some Florida men (in the most "Florida Man" sense of the term) who set out to find some buried treasure (a big bag of cocaine) on the island of Culebra. Come for the story, stay for the weird characters.

Santa Clarita Diet, Season 3
Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant's horror comedy is back for more gross-out laughs. They're joined this season by ER's Goran Visnjic as a Serbian monster hunter tasked with killing zombie Sheila. (Trailer)

15 August
This romantic comedy set on India's Independence Day is notable as Netflix's first Marathi-language property. Much of the story revolves around a little kid with his hand stuck in a hole in the sidewalk. (Trailer)

A disgraced boxer from Mexico living in Finland gets a shot at redemption in this emotionally raw drama from director Kyzza Terrazas. In English and Spanish. (Trailer)

Osmosis, Season 1
"If science could guarantee true love, would you say yes?" is the tagline for this French sci-fi series. A high-tech implant pairs up soulmates, but there are side effects. There are always side effects. (Trailer)

Traitors, Season 1
A young woman gets recruited to spy on her own government by an enigmatic American agent in this six-part post-WWII period piece from Great Britain. It stars Emma Appleton and the always-excellent Michael Stuhlbarg. (Trailer)

El Sabor de las Margaritas
Netflix doesn't even have a page for this Spanish...series, I guess? This is all I can tell you about it, from Netflix's upcoming programming newsletter: "While investigating the disappearance of a teen girl in a tight-knit Galician town, a Civil Guard officer uncovers secrets linked to a loss of her own." (Sunday, March 31)

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series
OK, so you know the Trailer Park Boys? This season they find themselves turned into cartoons. Will they be able to turn themselves back into real Trailer Park Boys, or will they die from getting an anvil dropped on their heads or something because they can't figure out the physics of their cartoon reality? (Trailer / Sunday, March 31)

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible
The world's biggest comedian is doing his first special for Netflix, the home of stand-up comedy. The content is relatable observations about sex, marriage, parenthood, and all that stuff, coming through Hart's cocky, high-energy persona. He also talks about his house being robbed and his very public cheating scandal, which are less relatable, pretty Kevin Hart-specific things. (And in case you're wondering, Irresponsible was taped before his Oscars fiasco.) (Trailer / Tuesday, April 2)

Suzzana: Buried Alive
A pregnant woman is murdered and comes back as a vengeful spirit in this Indonesian horror movie. It's a tribute to Suzzana, the queen of Indonesian horror. Looks fun! (Trailer / Wednesday, April 3)

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