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NCIS Mega Buzz: Bishop's Divorce May Lead to Her "Unraveling"

Emily Wickersham teases what's ahead

Liz Raftery

Nothing seems certain for Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) on NCISanymore.

In the aftermath of her divorce, we've already seen her call her career choice into question. But that won't be the only shakeup she experiences.

"Divorce throws anyone for a loop, especially in these circumstances," Wickersham tells TVGuide.com. "She has it seemingly sewed together in so many ways and is kind of a perfectionist oftentimes. This has really thrown a wrench into her whole thing. ... It'll be hard for her. We'll see a bit of unraveling."

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Adds Wickersham: "I think what's really thrown her is that she's realized that she didn't pay attention to this huge part of her life. The fact that their relationship was basically formed in a work environment based on convenience, it was bound to have problems. I think it's pretty surprising that she didn't pick up on that."

So will we see Bishop dip her toe back into the dating pool? Not any time soon, according to Wickersham. And when she does, it likely won't result in a serious relationship for a while.

"I think she's going to be really involved in her work for the rest of the season," Wickersham predicts. "I would imagine that she would take a little bit of time to herself, to really take a moment, think about that relationship. Relationships are hard, and I think that being alone for periods of time is important, to learn things about yourself. I think that's what Bishop will have to do."

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