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NCIS: New Orleans Bosses Tease Full Circle Moments for Pride and Hannah

People from their past reemerge and cause big breakthroughs

Malcolm Venable

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the upcoming episode of NCIS: New Orleans, "Predators" Read at your own risk!]

CountNCIS: New Orleansamong the many scripted TV shows that didn't get a chance to finish its season as planned due to having production cut short in early March. Like the flagship show that gave birth to it, NCIS: New Orleans is produced by folks who'd prefer you didn't think of its last episode for a while as a season finale, and yet somehow improbably, Episode 20 ("Predators") does thankfully bring some storylines full circle enough to make it feel like a satisfying break.

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Fans know that two characters on the show have faced some pretty significant personal and professional hurdles to climb in Season 6: Pride (Scott Bakula) has been dealing with wounds and traumas of the past, and special agent Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan) dealt with a disorienting experience at the start of the season that made her feel like the recipient of workplace discrimination based on her gender. Though their stories aren't explicitly related, both of them are going to find some closure, soon. In "Predators," Pride's ex-wife Linda (Paige Turco) reunites with Pride, resulting in a much-needed clearing of the air between them, and agent Khoury is going to get her own resolution with deputy director Van Cleef (Richard Thomas).

"As we've always done throughout the seasons we like to dive into Pride's family life," showrunner Chris Silber told TV Guide in an interview. This season has been especially revealing about Pride's family life as he reconnected with his mom and learned more about a traumatic experience after an LSD-induced therapy session. Sunday's episode takes Pride's self-discovery one step further. "We figured, here's an opportunity to bring his ex-wife in and lean into Pride's journey...and look at the reality of the price he's paid for being a hero."

As for Hannah, she comes to a point where she feels like she can no longer ignore evidence about Van Cleef's behavior, and has to decide if she wants to rise to the challenge and put her personal apprehensions about confronting him aside, or keep mum. You can probably guess which route she chooses.

"We did want to show how...what she wanted to do was run away," said executive producer Jan Nash. "But she decides that the right thing is to do for her daughter, and makes peace with that."

Necar Zadegan and Scott Bakula, NCIS: New Orleans


NCIS: New Orleans airs Sunday at 10/9c on CBS.