Mark Harmon, Kathleen York and Susanna Thompson, <EM>NCIS</EM> Mark Harmon, Kathleen York and Susanna Thompson, NCIS

From serial killers to terrorists, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has faced off with some tough customers on NCIS (CBS, 8  pm/ET). But perhaps none were as intimidating as the trio he must confront tonight: his girlfriend, his ex-wife and his boss. When it's discovered that Gibbs' former spouse, Stephanie Flynn (guest star Kathleen York), may have information about the murder of a Marine captain, she's brought in to be questioned — by Gibbs' current squeeze, Col. Mann (Susanna Thompson).

"Gibbs is surrounded by women who've been in his life: his girlfriend, his ex-wife, and Director Shepard [Lauren Holly], with whom he had a relationship," says executive producer Shane Brennan. "Watching [him] struggle with [them] all in the same room at the same time is quite hilarious."

But while there is an abundance of humor ("Shepard and Mann have a bit of fun at Gibbs' expense"), this isn't wholly a comedic episode, Brennan cautions. "The very last scene has an emotional jolt that will totally catch people by surprise," he says. "Something happens that casts a very interesting light on Gibbs and his relationships."

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