David Giuntoli, Currie Graham David Giuntoli, Currie Graham

Those famous 19th century fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm were very grim indeed, full of madness, murder and mutilation. Perfect for a modern-day crime procedural!

The new NBC series Grimm, premiering tonight at 9/8c and starring David Giuntoli as Portland, Ore., homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, posits the theory that the original Grimm sibs were criminal profilers who had the ability to see supernatural beings — some deadly, some good — that secretly live among us. Now Nick, one of their distant relatives, suddenly has the gift.

"Nick has always had this deep-down feeling he was different because he came from a weird family that was always on the move — he just didn't know how different," says Giuntoli, who got his start on the reality show Road Rules: South Pacific.

Tonight's premiere, involving a series of Little Red Riding Hood crimes, will be followed by spins on Cinderella, Goldilocks, Snow White and the Three Little Pigs. As each story unfolds, "Nick buries himself deeper and deeper in lies because he must keep his true nature a secret," Giuntoli says. "This job of mythic hero has been thrust upon him. He must go out and kill the bad monsters and protect the good ones, when he'd really rather be home watching movies with his girl."

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