Nazi humor and elder bashing. I am so going straight to Hell for laughing. Seriously, this may be the one that sends me to the fires that consume yet don't combust. But how can you not giggle at Sweet Dee's fear of old people? "I think they're gross... you can see through their hands." No wonder our beer-serving ageist puked after her pop-pop stuck his fingers in her mouth. That man was nasty! Which is fitting, since he was also apparently one of Hitler's henchmen. I'd upchuck if one of those freaky people came near me, too. As for Dennis and Mac fighting over the granddaughter of the dead dude they found in the bar, yeah, I get it. After all, it was Haley's sister from One Tree Hill, and we lovelovelove that show. Plus, the fact that they worked their game all the way to the D.O.A's wake almost makes me feel less icky for cruising hot mourners at the funeral home next to my house. Like I said folks, straight to Hell. Thankfully, I'll probably have these guys to keep me company down there. Damian J. Holbrook

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