Amazon will be taking down its The Man In the High Castle New York City subway advertisements that depicted Nazi memorabilia and flags, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Amazon series is based on the premise of what would it be like if the Nazis had won WWII. In the alternate history the US is broken into three parts: a Japanese puppet state called the Pacific States of America; the Nazi-controlled eastern section called the Greater Nazi Reich; and a buffer region in the middle called the Rocky Mountain States, better known as the Neutral Zone.

The marketing posters had re-imagined Japanese and American flags with swastikas emblazoned in the middle of them.

THR reports that Amazon Studios made the decision to pull down the posters themselves after they sparked controversy last week among subway riders. On Monday, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) defended the poster saying they did not count as political.

The Man in the High Castle: What if the Nazis had won the war?

"The updated standards prohibit political advertisements," MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg says to Gothamist. "Unless you're saying that you believe Amazon is advocating for a Nazi takeover of the United States, then it meets the standards. They're advertising a show."

The Man in the High Castle is currently streaming on Amazon.