Rob Dyrdek , Johnny Knoxville Rob Dyrdek , Johnny Knoxville

The kids from The Hills are settling down. Sexy is already back. Music videos left with TRL's demise. So what does the MTV generation want now?

The network is betting that it has the answer again, and it smells like teen adventure, risk-taking and aspiration. MTV is launching eight new series that it promises will "demolish cubicle culture, commandeer the mainstream media, and propel viewers on the fast track to fame and fortune." Here are the shows MTV has on tap, and how we think they'll play:

The College Humor Show: An inside look at the lives of the twentysomethings who created The "characters infuse their workplace with a chaotic frat-house attitude." Sounds like: Animal House meets the Silicon Valley tech boom.

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: The pro skater from Rob & Big takes us into the "25,000 square foot industrial-complex-turned-funhouse" that houses his skateboard business, a concrete plaza (for skating, of course) and more. Sounds like: Life of Ryan, the working years.

College Life: Students at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, film themselves during freshman year. Expect tears, skin and — we'll go out on a limb here — emotional confrontations with pop songs playing in the background. Sounds like: The Hills with some education.

How's Your News?: South Park's Matt Stone and Trey Parker produce this documentary-style series in which reporters with disabilities do interviews with celebrities and regular people alike, at sites from red carpets to SXSW. Sounds like: A great idea.

Daddy's Girls: Angela and Vanessa Simmons leave Run's House to pursue their dreams in L.A., which include setting up a fashion line and acting. Diddy and Rev. Run produce. Sounds Like: Run's House in The Hills.

The Girls of Hedsor Hall (working title): Based on the UK's Ladette to Lady, Donald Trump's Hall ships 12 hard-partying American girls off to England to become proper ladies and compete for $100,000. Sounds like: My Fair Lady meets Charm School.

MTV's Untitled Performing Arts Show: Nick Lachey is goes behind the camera to executive produce a show that follows aspiring stars at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Sounds like: Fame

What do you think of MTV's new direction? Will you watch the shows?