Todd Oldham made his name dressing the stars, but this ultra-hip designer's been offering do-it-yourself tips to the MTV crowd since his days on House of Style. On his new show, Crib Crashers — airing tonight at 10:30 pm/ET — the peppy Texan makes over unsuspecting fans' rooms into their idols' cushy pads in less than two days. While we'd question anyone who wants an exact replica of Mariah Carey's asylum, er, apartment, he finds it all rather sweet.

"Well, if you think of where the word 'fan' comes from — 'fanatic' — some of it gets a little spooky," admits Oldham, who's also a magazine photographer. "But we're talking about really young folks, and it's great to see them really impassioned by people. . . especially some of them that are worthy of the attention."

In a special Valentine's Day edition, he helped 98 Degrees crooner Nick Lachey decorate a home theater for wife Jessica Simpson. But beyond that, Oldham admits he's got little insight into celebrity trends. "I'm so retarded at that stuff," he laughs, then adds, "I'm seeing a lot of [celebrity] homes that look like people don't live in them."

What's the decorator's dream crib-over for the show? "Rob Zombie's house was really, really cool," he says of the White Zombie frontman's ultra-Goth home. "I would love to have done something with that. I think we did have some requests, but there were some logistical issues." What, they couldn't they find a taxidermist to sponsor them a stuffed polar bear?

After following Oldham's taste — from his Target products to his funky painting techniques — we're dying to know what he has in his own New York pied-à-terre. "My favorite thing in my home is my dog!" he answers elusively. "She's very beautiful."