Dominic Monaghan by Steve Granitz/ Dominic Monaghan by Steve Granitz/

After freaking us out with a "posthumous" appearance on Lost's season premiere, Dominic Monaghan has landed the lead role in Pet, a psychological thriller about a man who becomes obsessed with his high-school crush.... Hayden Panettiere ( Heroes) and Kieran Culkin ( Igby Goes Down) are girlfriend and boyfriend in Daydream Nation, described by producers as an intellectual teen comedy à la Juno or Election.... Michael Douglas, Amber Tamblyn ( Joan of Arcadia), and Jesse Metcalfe ( Desperate Housewives) have been cast in Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, a remake of a Fritz Lang film noir. Metcalfe plays a journalist trying to expose Douglas' corrupt district attorney. - Mickey O'Connor