Ethan and Joel Coen courtesy Miramax Ethan and Joel Coen courtesy Miramax

They're on an awards season roll, but the Coen brothers are already on to their next projects. The No Country for Old Men filmmaking team and Scott Rudin are set to translate Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union, a contemporary noir murder mystery set in Alaska.... Mel Gibson, meanwhile, is being sued for breach of contract by a Passion of the Christ writer who claims the director misrepresented the film's budget, resulting in lowball remuneration.... Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, is stepping away from controversy, withdrawing from his role as artistic director of the 2008 Olympics in China. He's relinquishing the gig in protest of the Chinese government's policy on Sudan and the Darfur conflict. In a statement, Spielberg said, "I find that my conscience will not allow me to continue business as usual." - Anna Dimond