My mother called me complaining that this was a rerun: "Why are they already showing a repeat? Wasn't this episode just on a month ago? I am very aggravated!" OK, so I just gave you the G-rated version (my Joan likes to swear). Note to ABC I agree with my mother. Preempt the show rather than air a repeat so early in the season. This re-airing of the season premiere reminded me why Marcia Cross had better win all the acting awards she gets nominated for this season, especially for all her scenes with her mother-in-law (Shirley Knight, who's a shoo-in for an outstanding guest actress nom). Every scene between the two of them was priceless, except for the ridiculous and way too over-the-top funeral scene with Bree taking Doug Savant's tie off and tying it on Rex in his coffin. Uh-uh. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy Lynette multitasking during her interview with Ed (the great Currie Graham from NYPD Blue) by changing her baby's diaper. While I'm on the subject of Felicity Huffman: Run, don't walk, to see her new movie, Transamerica, when it comes out. I just saw a preview screening and Felicity does a brilliant job. It's not easy for a woman to play a man about to have a sex-change operation to become a woman. Emmy? Check. Oscar? At least a nomination. Back to the show, my favorite line was the punked-out paternity-clinic chick to Gabrielle: "Just because I choose to express myself, it doesn't mean that I condone adultery. Sorry." You go, punk-rock girl!