After gorging on McDonald's for 30 days in his Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock saw how compelling people find it to watch someone change for a month. So he filmed 30 Days, a six-episode FX series — starting tonight at 10 pm/ET — that chronicles one-month journeys of various people, from a Christian man living with a Muslim family to Spurlock and his fiancée trying to live on minimum wage. The filmmaker stepped away from the camera to discuss his new show.
TV Guide: In tonight's premiere episode, you and Alex live on minimum wage. You injure your wrist and have no health insurance.
Morgan Spurlock:
When you're having to make the decision of "Where are we going to spend what little money we have?" as my arm is swelling up and starting to turn black... I was like, "This isn't good!" [Laughs]

TVG: Were there moments when you thought a segment might fall apart?
The [June 29 episode] where a Christian man goes to live with a Muslim family was very powerful. There were so many conflicts because of his beliefs. Then people started lashing out at him. There were times when we thought, "Is a fight going to break out?"

[In the June 22] anti-aging episode, the guy's doing steroids and testosterone for a month. You see [him] go through this transformation — mentally, physically, emotionally — and you start to see the 'roid rage come out. It's incredible to witness.

TVG: At some points, though, you must have been surprised by the humor that came out of an episode.
An ex-military man goes to live with a gay man in San Francisco [in the July 13 episode]. He's a very "don't ask, don't tell" kind of guy who believes homosexuality is a sin — but then there's a point when he really lets his guard down and starts to have fun. And it's really funny, dude.

TVG: The most amazing thing about all this, of course, is that your girlfriend, Alex, hasn't left you yet.
[Laughs] Originally when I met with FX, the idea was that [for every episode] I would go and do something for 30 days. That's when Alex put her foot down. She said, "If you do that, you'll never have a girlfriend — and this girlfriend will be gone."