While they might not have been nominated for their work in Moonlight, the Best Picture contender's youngest stars — including Alex Hibbert, Jaden Piner, and Ashton Sanders — won some serious points with the crowd when they whipped out their dance moves on the red carpet at the Academy Awards Sunday night.

The kiddos were snapped in a candid moment of synchronized dabbing that proved you don't have to be up for an individual shiny prize to have a good time at the Oscars.

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Moonlight marks the feature film debut for Hibbert and Piner, but clearly they're ready for a bigger spotlight than the moon might provide already.

Moonlight is nominated for a whopping eight Oscars, including Best Director (for Barry Watkins), Best Supporting Actor (for Mahershala Ali), Best Supporting Actress (for Naomie Harris), and Best Adapted Screenplay.