In the Monday-night ratings, NBC's Deal or No Deal (with 13.5 million total viewers) bested ABC's Wife Swap (9.4 mil), CBS' King of Queens-How I Met Your Mother combo (which averaged 10.3 mil) and Part 1 of Fox's Skating with Celebrities finale (8.7 mil) in the 8 pm hour. Come 9 pm CBS' Two and a Half Men dominated with 17.3 million viewers, trumping the first half hours of Fox's 24 (13.4 mil), NBC's relocated The Apprentice (down from its typical take with just 9.9 mil) and ABC's The Bachelor finale (9.5 mil). Courting Alex dropped the Eye's lead at 9:30 to the back end of 24, which surged to 14.2 mil. At 10 pm, CBS' CSI: Miami ruled with 18 million, compared to 12.8 for the final stretch of Bachelor and 10.4 mil for NBC's Medium.