Morris Chestnut, Brian Williams Morris Chestnut, Brian Williams

This week, TV was filled with surprise appearances. Tommy returned on Brothers & Sisters. Rihanna spoke about ex Chris Brown. The JFK assassination was front and center on Mad Men. Kate Hudson distracted Fox cameramen during the World Series. And the pilot episode of V taught us that appearances can deceive. Welcome to this week's Top Moments: Screen Time Edition.

10. Worst Return: Guess who's back on Brothers & Sisters? Prodigal son Tommy, who we last saw abandon his family to join a hippie commune in Mexico. What's he up to now? Pretty much the same, as it's revealed that he's still a deadbeat, but his Zenlike state of mind has him in too much of a fog to do anything about it.

9. Best Honesty: Speaking for the first time since her February abuse at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna reveals to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America that she wants to be an advocate for domestic violence victims and admits that going back to Brown sent a poor message. But her most powerful admission is that she's ashamed of having been with Brown in the first place: "That's embarrassing that that's the type of person that I fell in love with."

Rihanna: Staying with Chris Brown was "wrong"

8. Worst False Alarm: What was interesting about 90210's Dixon dating older lady Sasha was that it all seemed so cute and right despite their age difference (and Dixon's lying, I suppose, but never mind that for now). That was the inherent conflict. There was no need to turn Sasha into some pregnancy-faking shrew. We were expecting more.

7. Witchiest Woman: On Eastwick, Eleanor Rougemont (guest star Cybill Shepherd) helps cure Bun of her amnesia by jamming two knitting needles into the back of her neck, causing thousands of red ants to spill out of the wound. Once Bun has her memory back, she and Eleanor come up with a plan: They have to kill Darryl Van Horne ... again.

6. Most Balanced Historical Record: As Harry and Pete gripe about their jobs, a fuzzy TV screen delivers the sad news from Dallas: Shots have been fired at the president's motorcade. We all wondered how Mad Men would deal with the JFK assassination. This clever scene puts the news in the background, but only for a moment, as we watch the horror spread from Pete to Betty to Roger, each of whom have life-changing revelations in the aftermath.

Mad Men's Rich Sommer discusses his Law & Order guest spot

5. Best Ball: Yeah yeah, the Yankees won the World Series, but the real champion here is Kate Hudson's agent. The actress (and A-Rod squeeze) got almost as much screen time as her famous beau during the series, as Fox frequently cut away from the game to check in on K-Hud. It got to the point where one female fan in Philly decided to lampoon Hudson's omnipresence by holding a cut-out of the actress' face in front of her own. That girl is now officially almost famous.

4. Best Reason to Stick to Your Day Job: Dancing with the Stars pros Derek Hough and Mark Ballas made their singing debut on Tuesday's show, performing "Move," the new single from the Ballas Hough Band. Their moves were hot and their outfits were bangin' — but no amount of AutoTune could distract you from the boys' lack of anything resembling a voice. You can't blame us for thinking they were telling us to "wash your body" for half of the song.

Dancing's Maks: Judges need to stop their antics

3. Best Sense of Humor When auditions for a new "TGS" cast member get out of control on 30 Rock, even NBC News anchor Brian Williams (who we all know can crack a joke) wants a shot. And he's got quite an impression/ethnic stereotype for you, Liz Lemon!

2. Best Re-Enactment: While the Modern Family family bonds over Manny's fencing prowess, Mitchell reveals that he and Claire once competed in figure skating as Fire & Nice ("I was Fire, because of the red hair, and Claire was Nice, because it was ironic and she wasn't.") Their mock routine in the parking lot is both touching and mortifying.

1. Best Update: In a nice twist on the old "human-looking visitors are actually evil lizards" premise, the premiere of ABC's V reboot reveals in a climactic fight scene that one of the Visitors is on our side. This should be fun: Not only do we not know who's a Visitor, we also aren't guaranteed that every Visitor is out to eat us. Fine, but we still have high hopes that the pro-human V, played by Morris Chestnut, and his human girlfriend will eventually lead us to a new version of this classic scene.

Ratings: V conquers in prime-time invasion