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Our top moments of the week:

16. Best Reveal:
Martha's not as naïve as she looks! The Americans finally addresses the elephant in the room when Martha lovingly tells her husband that he doesn't have to hide anything from her. "I even love your toupee," she says without missing a beat. "You know about that?" Clark asks. Guess Soviet wig technology wasn't all that in the '80s.

15. Best Reality Check: On Louie, comedian Louis C.K. hits it off with the charming but overweight Vanessa, but it's also clear he's not interested in her romantically. This prompts a raw and heartfelt monologue in which she reveals the double standard about weight, that it's the schlubby guys like him who won't give fat girls like her the time of day and that all she wants is "to hold hands with a nice guy." The unflinchingly honest declaration renders even Louis speechless for its bravery.

14. Worst Revelations The Blacklist finale unfortunately does not deliver any of the big answers that fans have been hoping for — such as Red's relationship to Liz — but in fact raises several more and makes the whole issue about her father even murkier than it was before. (Has no one thought of doing a cheek swab yet?!) In the end, all we know for sure is that one agent is dead, the diabolical Berlin is still on the loose, and Red has intriguing burn scars on his back. Argh! We're seeing "red." 

13. Best Confession: Forget about Rayna's double proposal (who will she choose?!), the real cliff-hanger on Nashville is what will happen to Will now that he's finally come out of the closet. His engagement to Layla is off, obviously, but his tearful revelation — which was unknowingly caught on camera — will likely affect his career as well. Jeff Fordham may not be too pleased to have an openly gay musician anchoring his record label, but we're guessing this will be a goldmine for Will and Layla's reality show. Plus, we can't wait to see if Will gets a new (male) love interest in Season 3! (Sorry, Layla.)

12. Worst Silence: On Chicago Fire, moments after Severide and Shay patch up their differences and Casey proposes to Dawson, the entire team minus Chief Boden go inside a warehouse to put out a fire and do a search and rescue. After Boden unsuccessfully tries to call out on the radio to anyone from Firehouse 51, he hears some troubling static from the walkie talkie right before a huge explosion goes off inside the warehouse — possibly killing the entire group. Covered in ash and rubble and his own blood, Boden futilely calls out on the radio again as the screen cuts to black.

11. Best Exit: Reid will live to catch unsubs for another day on the Criminal Minds season finale, but another BAU member is done. Distraught that Reid took a bullet defending her, Blake reveals that she had accidentally called him Ethan because that was the name of her 9-year-old son who had died of an unnamed neurological disease. "He was ready to go, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye," she says. As Blake walks out of his apartment, Reid finds her credentials in his bag. Farewell, Blake. Now, who should replace her?

10. Worst Retribution: After learning that his estranged wife is moving to California with his daughter, Amaro finds a dangerous way to take out his pent-up frustration on Law & Order: SVU. In the final moments of the episode, he finds a recently acquitted sex offender at a local park taking photos of young boys. Amaro initially orders the man to stop, but after meeting resistance, he grabs the camera and starts beating the man to a pulp. When the police come, Amaro tries to tell them he's on the job and flashes his badge, but he's still arrested and handcuffed. At least he already knows his Miranda rights?

9. Best Cliff-Hangers: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wraps up its Clairvoyant mystery in a neat little bow when Coulson annihilates Garrett with a laser. But, in true Marvel fashion, two bonus scenes at the end of the episode raise the stakes: Raina tells a mysterious (and creepy-looking) man that she's found his daughter — Skye! — and Coulson mindlessly carves the alien formula on a wall. Ruh-roh on both fronts.

8. Best Goodbye: After Hayley gives birth to her and Klaus' daughter on The Originals, it's decided that keeping her around is too risky, so the group concocts a plan for the witches to believe the baby was killed. In an emotional scene, a tearful Klaus kisses and hands over his firstborn, appropriately named Hope, to the one person he can trust to forever keep her safe: Rebekah, who gets the fresh start and family (and hopefully white picket fence) she has always dreamed of. 

7. Best Fake-Out:
 Arrow pulls one hell of a bait-and-switch when Oliver suddenly professes his love for go-to IT gal Felicity. Alas, it's all a ruse to trick Slade into kidnapping Felicity, so she can administer the cure for Mirakuru and  remove his superhuman strength. Sorry, Olicity fans, dreams don't really come true (yet).

6. Best Crossover: Once Upon a Time sends chills down our spines with the (albeit brief) introduction of Frozen's Elsa, who was previously locked up in Rumple's vault. Will the ice queen hold a grudge? We can't wait to find out! But the real question is: Who should play her? Paging Adele Dazeem. 

5. Worst Waiting Game: On The Vampire Diaries season finale, the gang works to save the Other Side and also get rid of The Travelers. But after Bonnie figures out a way to get most of her friends safely back to life, the spell is stopped, leaving her and Damon stuck. As the two realize their fate, they wait, hand-in-hand, to be sucked into the atmosphere. (We're still betting they find their way back in the Season 6 premiere.)

4. Best Exit/Entrance: Sandra Oh's final episode of Grey's Anatomy serves as a love letter to Cristina Yang, complete with her and Meredith dancing it out one last time before she leaves for Zurich. But the big surprise of the episode comes from the reveal that the new head of cardiology (played by Kelly McCreary) was given up for adoption by Ellis Grey, making her Meredith's half-sister and the daughter of — dun, dun, dunnn — Webber! Welcome to the family ... we think?

3. Worst Cliff-Hanger: Beckett thought she found her Prince Charming, but someone burned the whole Castle to the ground! After filing Beckett's divorce papers from her Vegas wedding back in the day, Castle is racing to his Hamptons home for the wedding as a black SUV starts tailing him. Cut to Beckett getting a call and arriving on the scene to find his car engulfed in flames in a ditch! It's pretty safe to say Castle's alive, but who was chasing him?

2. Best Speech: Tyrion is used to being the butt of jokes on Game of Thrones, but suddenly he's being taken as seriously as any self-respecting Lannister should. During his regicide trial, the Imp lashes out at his sister and the gathered crowd. "I did not kill Joffrey but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores," he says. "I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you." To cap off his venomous diatribe, he demands a trial by combat because there's no such thing as a fair trial in King's Landing.

1. Worst Gift: Mad Men's Michael Ginsberg has always been a little off, but after working alongside Sterling Cooper & Partners' new computer for a few weeks, his cheese officially slides off his cracker. Annoyed by the machine's hum while working on a Saturday, Ginsberg decides that the computer is turning the SC&P employees gay. Although Ginsberg fails in his plan to stop the computer from winning — by having sex with Peggy — he returns to the office on Monday in much better spirits. He even presents Peggy a gift: his severed nipple, which he had cut off to allow the vibrations of the computer to move through him. Peggy is horrified and has Ginsberg wheeled off to the asylum. Perhaps we should have seen it coming from a guy who claimed two seasons ago to be from Mars.

What were your top moments?