Ann Dowd Ann Dowd

Our top moments of the week:

9. Worst Wake-up Call: As if Briggs doesn't have enough on his mind already now that Charlie is pregnant, the FBI agent gets a disturbing phone call on Graceland that turns everything upside down. In the final moments of the episode, Briggs is excited when his phone rings because he thinks it's dirty cop Sid inviting Briggs on an inside job for the Solano cartel. Instead, Briggs hears the taped recording of the night he killed FBI Agent Juan Badillo last year. Where's caller ID when you need it?!

8. Best Non-Sex: As part of True Blood's victory lap, Jason faces his inability to relate to a woman platonically when newcomer Brigette invites him to bed for a sweet, chaste heart-to-heart. But it's wannabe fangbanger Ginger who finally gets lucky (sort of) when Eric offers her apology sex on the Fangtasia throne. Apparently years of pent-up desire is all the foreplay she needs, because mere seconds after straddling the fully clothed vamp, Ginger experiences la petite mort and then slides off his lap for a well-deserved snooze.

7. Best Haircut: After years staying away from the spotlight, Jared Leto has been inescapable this past year, as has his signature long locks and intense facial hair. However, when the Oscar winner stops by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host advises him to "take the beard down a notch." Always a good friend, Fallon goes one step further and actually trims his beard — which he's been growing since March — then and there on stage. "You trimmed my bush really good," Leto comments.

6. Worst Gut Check: Is McQuaid behind the Chicago bombing on Covert Affairs? The layout of the facility in one of his bunkers doesn't help his cause, but he claims to Annie — at gunpoint with the gun he gave her! — that he's been set up. "If you think that I am capable of this atrocity, then shoot me," he says. "Because I'm not going to some dungeon in Langley waiting for someone who set me up to carry out their plan. I have to get to the bottom of this." Annie lets him go and plays dumb when Auggie asks if McQuaid has contacted her. "He has to know what side I'm on right now," she says.

5. Saddest Goodbye: Despite Virginia's pleas on Masters of Sex, Lillian refuses to continue cancer treatments. "I don't want to spend what time I have left fighting a battle that I certainly will lose. And mostly, I don't want to fight with you," she says before overdosing on sleeping pills. When Virginia finds her, she frantically calls 911, but stops short of giving out the address. Not wanting to fight with her friend, Virginia hangs up, climbs in bed and embraces Lillian as she takes her last breath. R.I.P., Dr. DePaul.    

4. Best Blackmail: He knows. After Mike asks Louis about Harvard's honor society key on Suits, Louis realizes he's a fraud. But instead of taking down Pearson Specter, he confronts Jessica, who cops to being a liar and hypocrite... and asks Louis what he really wants. "Pearson Specter Litt," he angrily demands. Now that's getting Litt up!

3. Best Eulogy: David Letterman, whose Late Show was on a break last week, fondly remembers his "delightful" longtime friend and frequent guest, the late Robin Williams. The two came up in the comedy club scene together in the '70s, during which Dave considered throwing in the towel after seeing Williams' stand-up. "I thought, that's it, they're going to have to put an end to show business. Because what can happen after this?" Letterman says. "People were drawn to him because of this electricity, this whatever it was that he radiated that propelled him and empowered him.  ... I'm sorry I had no idea that the man was in pain, that the man was suffering. But what a guy, Robin Williams."

2. Best Family Bonding: For two girls who look nothing alike, Switched at Birth's Daphne and Bay sure do get mixed up a lot. But unlike that fateful day in the hospital 18 years ago, this time the girls have no one to blame but themselves. After the police link Daphne to the vandalism at Regina's construction site, she faces a felony charge and three months in jail for her second strike. However, when Daphne goes to turn herself in, Bay "confesses" to the cops in order to take the fall. Although Daphne tries to stop her, Bay explains that because of her lack of a criminal record, her punishment won't be nearly as bad as Daphne's would have been. Plus, it will give her "mad street cred" with other artists. And the best sister ever award goes to... 

1. Best Commitment to the Cause: How do you get your cult of followers to embrace the idea of martyrdom? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands (literally). After Guilty Remnant leader Patti is kidnapped by a sleepwalking Chief Garvey on The Leftovers, she does her best to convince him to just kill her. When he refuses, opting to let her go free and face the music for kidnapping her, she picks up a shard of glass, jabs it into her neck and proceeds to slice her own throat. We're still not sure what exactly Patti or any of the G.R. members are up to, but Ann Dowd's superb performance will be missed.

What were your top moments?