Ted Kennedy, Elisabeth Moss Ted Kennedy, Elisabeth Moss

There are good and bad ways to look back. Comparing one's self to Michael Jackson: bad. Taking a thoughtful look at one of the most influential Americans: good. Cheeky references to classic horror movies: we don't know, but a lot of fun. Welcome to our Top Moments, nostalgic edition.

6. Worst Crash: While Rescue Me's Tommy and family revel in their drunkenness at the bar, the consequences of their choices strike like a semi — when a semi really does hit. Sure, we saw Ellie's car crash (and presumed death) coming as soon as she left the bar, but the scene was still powerful and uncomfortable to watch.

5. Most Misplaced Anger: Top Chef: Las Vegas' Ashley seethes at having to cater a bachelor and bachelorette party, because she herself is a lesbian who cannot legally marry. Noting that she's expected this challenge (we hope so, since Top Chef has had wedding challenges in seasons past), Ashley says it isn't fair to her and the other gay contestants. Fellow lesbian Preeti, who's been with her partner for 13 years, says she understands Ashley's anger, but isn't bothered by the challenge.

4. Best Homage: Once True Blood's Jason realizes Bon Temps has been seized by party zombies, he declares the upcoming faceoff, "the war I've been training for." He suits up for it with a chainsaw. (Someone's seen the Evil Dead movies.) It's just too bad not a single one of the revelers even flinches.
3. Worst Song: Can you guess which 2009 Miss Universe guest performer dressed like an '80s figure skater while lip-syncing poorly and dancing a beat ahead of her on-point backup dancers, and later failed to correct her husband when he compared her to Michael Jackson? We're pretty sure the reality-villain couple in question only does this kind of stuff to get their names out there — and we hope not using those names will discourage their silliness.

2. Best Song: Mad Men's Peggy, baffled by men's fascination with the girlish pop stylings of Ann-Margret, attempts a rendition of her "Bye Bye Birdie" in her bedroom mirror. It's awkward and a little sad to watch Peggy pretend to be a singing star — but at the same time, Peggy's not bad.

1. Best Look Back: At the top of CBS' Ted Kennedy: The Last Brother, Katie Couric offers a moving summation of his life, and what his death means for the country. "Tonight the nation marks the end of an era in American politics, and the end of an unprecedented family dynasty... He grew up in a family of enormous wealth, but he also championed the causes of ordinary Americans, earning him the title 'Lion of the Senate.'" The show that follows offers a thoughtful and fair look at his life, in his good times and worst moments.

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