Euna Lee, Kate Gosselin, Jillian Harris Euna Lee, Kate Gosselin, Jillian Harris

There's nothing like a genuine surprise. While some things on TV this week took predictable turns — feuding cable hosts are feuding again, and a relationship born on the Bachelorette hit a bump — the two events at the top of our list caught us off-guard. One might even change the world. And no, it's not the dance contest.

8. Shortest Peace: Well, that was quick. Days after The New York Times reported a corporate-mandated end to the Bill O'Reilly-Keith Olbermann feud, Olbermann packs his "Worst Person in the World " segment with the author of the Times story, O'Reilly, and Rupert Murdoch, chairman of the company that owns Fox News. So we guess the feud is back on?

7. Best Assurance That Yes, the Feud is Back On: Though he continues to not mention Olbermann by name, O'Reilly proves he's more than happy to rip GE, NBC's owner. Aligning himself with environmentalists, O'Reilly accuses GE of polluting the Hudson River, and urges President Obama to distance himself from the company. Way to cover all your bases, sir. But couldn't you work in another dig at good old We thought it was hilarious when you called us "incredibly stupid" for writing this.

6. Worst Tan: Rescue Me's Sean Garrity always gets abuse from his fellow firefighters, but never, until now, about the size (and orange color) of his, uh, hose. It turns out self-tanning lotion is to blame. We'll never look at baby carrots the same way again.

5. Best Defense: The Bachelorette's Ed and Jillian appear on Good Morning America to dispute reports that Ed cheated on his new fiancée with two different women. The couple say they're being targeted because they're happy. "This is the last time I'm talking about this," Jillian says. We hope so.

4. Change of Heart Award: On True Blood, pious Sarah's post-coital glow quickly dims when she finds out her new lover's sister is Sookie. Abandoning plans to tell her husband about the affair, she finds Jason in the woods and shoots him in the chest. Is he dead? Good thing the show has a cure for that.
3. Best Comic Relief: It was nice to see the kids of Jon & Kate Plus 8 enjoy a good laugh, even at their mom's expense. The focus of this week's episode was back on them, where it belongs, instead of on Kate whining about how tough it is to put up tents.

2. Dark Horse Award: Though she's been coming on strong, we were still a little shocked when Jeanine took the title of America's Favorite Dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. Not that she didn't deserve it — she upped the intensity week after week and made a statement by nailing her final solo performance. The best news is, with the show back in the fall, we don't have to wait very long for another round of move-busting.

1. Best Reunion: Euna Lee, one of two journalists released from a North Korean prison, embraces her husband and daughter upon her and Laura Ling's return to the United States. Former President Clinton's trip to North Korea to win their freedom, and their subsequent pardon, may have opened a new diplomatic channel between the countries and made the world a less-volatile place. But for now, it was good to see families reunited.