Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Jimmy Kimmel Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Jimmy Kimmel

Our top moments of the week:

13. Best Response: In case you were living under a rock, or, you know, watching something else on TV Monday night, Gwen Stefani took a page from John Travolta's book and totally mispronounced Stephen Colbert's last name when she presented at the Emmys. Even though Colbert had already pre-taped his Tuesday show last week, the host still gets in a small jab at the much-discussed gaffe in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it opening credits, in which "Colbore" comes across the screen next to other descriptive words like "honorable," "star-spangled" and "all-beef." Well played, sir.

12. Best Change of Plans: After approaching Boris to invest in HankMed's lab on Royal Pains, Evan and the rest of the team get a surprising response. Boris informs them that, after years of housing Hank and subsequently HankMed on his property, he is not going to invest in the lab. Instead, he is going to buy the local Hamptons Heritage hospital and invites everyone from HankMed to join the board of directors. The only problem? Everyone agrees except for Hank! Does this mean HankMed is breaking up?

11. Best Performance: When Team America gets challenged to create their own Big Brother mission, Frankie, Donnie and Derek more than earn their $15K. Frankie comes up with the idea that the house guests will put on a play with each of the remaining imitating one of the eliminated. While Caleb unsurprisingly flubs his impression of Hayden, and Victoria uses it as an excuse to squeeze her breasts together, Donnie steals the spotlight with his spot-on impersonation of Devin.

10. Best Dance Party: On Ray Donovan, Ray invites the entire family over to the house to celebrate Conor's (forgotten) birthday. Naturally, having all the Donovans in one room is a recipe for disaster. After Terry finds out that Ray uses the boxing gym to launder money, Ray learns that Abby may be having an affair, and Daryl destroys the car Mickey gave to Conor for his birthday, Ray kicks everyone out and continues to get hammered. But when Conor cranks up "Walk This Way" on the stereo, Ray finally decides to let loose and busts out his goofiest moves in a father-son dance party.

9. Worst Collaboration: On Bachelor in Paradise, free spirit Lucy joins the house and takes Jesse — who had just gone out with Lucy's friend Christy and before that was chosen by Jackie over Marquel — on a date. The two hit it off and cap their night with a makeout session, but once back at the house, Jesse ends up in bed with Christy... and Lucy decides to join them! Things get even more awkward at the rose ceremony, when Jesse ultimately chooses Christy over Lucy to stay. Forget all the drama; we're still trying to figure out why of all the guys, Jesse is the one getting the most action. 

8. Best Pregnant Pause: This week's The Leftovers dedicates an entire episode to showing what life was like in Mapleton before the Sudden Departure. Although Laurie is speaking and Kevin's dad hasn't gone crazy yet, Kevin's life is far from perfect. In fact, Laurie and Kevin's marriage is in such a state that she hasn't even told him that she is pregnant. As luck would have it, Laurie goes to see her OBGYN on the day of the Departure and right in the middle of the ultrasound, people start going poof — maybe even Laurie's baby. While we never see the proof on the sonogram, Laurie's confused stare perhaps says it all.

7. Worst Defense: It's no surprise that Beyoncé steals the show at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, however, it's not her 16-minute performance that sets off shockwaves. After the camera cuts to her adorable daughter Blue Ivy bobbing and weaving — or at least as much as any 2-year-old can — on papa Jay-Z's lap, the two come onstage to present Beyonce with the Video Vanguard award. Attempting to put weeks of split rumors to rest, Beyonce first plants a big kiss on her daughter's cheek before kissing her "beloved," aka Jay, on the lips for the entire world to see. So much for keeping their daughter out of the spotlight!

6. Best Cliff-hanger: It's not McQuaid who bombed the Chicago facility on Covert Affairs, but his No. 2 Caitlyn. And it's not just her either. Caitlyn is in cahoots with Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko, who kills Caitlyn to protect himself after Annie foils their motorcade bombing and to continue whatever dastardly plan he has. "Everything moves forward as discussed, but Caitlyn is no longer available to us," he says on a mysterious phone call in the summer finale's final minutes. "I need you in Istanbul tomorrow. ... The CIA are going to keep looking. I have every intention to finish what I started." Gulp.

5. Best Farewell: It's been eight months since Doctor Who said goodbye to Eleven and fans are thrilled when Matt Smith returns for one last tearful appearance to help give us (and Clara) closure. Right as Clara is preparing to leave her life with the Time Lord behind, she receives a call from Eleven (made during the events of the Christmas special) reassuring Clara that Twelve is still him and that he's far more scared than she is. The cherry on top: The Doctor tells Clara he'll never act like her boyfriend again. Thank God!

4. Best Collaboration: Chelsea Lately's final show is chock-full of must-see moments, including one last blurred-out naked shower scene (this time with a fully clothed Ellen DeGeneres) and a surprise appearance by Handler's ex-boyfriend 50 Cent. However, no moment better illustrates Handler's unique brand of hilarity than her star-studded musical number. Sung to the tune of "We Are the World," it features musical talents like Gwen Stefani, FergieAlanis Moissette and Dave Grohl as well as actors such as Gerard Butler singing about how "she's done with teen moms and Justin Bieber too" and is "off to Spain to find random guys to screw."

3. Worst Way to Go, Part I: The Pretty Little Liars "fAtal" finale promised we'd see one of the regular cast members die, but viewers are shocked when it turns out to be series-long regular Mona. Just when Mona figures out that Alison is most certainly A — and had set up Spencer for murder — a faceless blonde breaks into the Vanderwaal house and leaves a horrifyingly bloody crime scene behind. Although detectives say there is no body to be found, in the final moments we see a very much dead Mona in the trunk of someone's car. 

2. Best (Almost) Reunion: When Jennifer Aniston stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie, the host reveals that he's a huge Friends fan and even asks a slightly confused and very annoyed Aniston to act-out his fan fiction script, in which Kimmel plays Rachel's boyfriend Ross. Beyond the exact replica of Monica's kitchen from the series — which Kimmel claims he shelled out $80K for — the best part is by far the surprise appearances by Aniston's former co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Sadly, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are no-shows since in Kimmel's version, both Chandler and Joey died of rabies contracted from Ross' monkey, Marcel. At least fans don't have to worry about Joey pining after Rachel anymore!

1. Worst Way to Go, Part II: Although the True Blood finale doesn't achieve the levels of say, Dexter atrociousness, it is a big, bloody mess. Vampire Bill's death by staking is gross to say the least, and at worst, a horrific memory to leave with his beloved Sookie, who later finds love with some faceless bearded dude whose thoughts she can hear. Hoyt and Jessica's shotgun wedding is only marginally less believable than Jason suddenly abandoning his hound dog ways, Lafayette gets no meaty screentime whatsoever, and Sarah Newlin's torture could be far, far worse. Good to the last drop? More like anemic and unsatisfying.

What were your top moments?