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Our top moments of the week:

12. Tell It Like It Is Award:
Ice-T and his voluptuous wife Coco compare their Twitter follower counts on Ice Loves Coco. It's no contest — she's more than 100,000 followers ahead, which she attributes to her upbeat tone. "My conversations are always positive and happy," she says. "You're a little more hardcore. I think that has something to do with it." Ice's understated reply tells the real story: "You have 270,000 people looking at your pictures because you look good in pictures."

11. Most Hypocritical: On The Glades, Callie gives Jim a piece of her mind for not telling her about Sam, his ex-partner and ex-girlfriend from the Windy City. "I get that we have people in our past. It's just — you never bothered to mention her to me?" she says. Well, Cal, have you told your estranged husband that you're hooking up with Jim? You know, the guy with whom you've agreed to postpone a divorce?

10. Slipperiest Slope: After working so hard to beat his gambling addiction on Men of a Certain Age, Joe unfortunately slips right back into his bad habits when he takes a bet for Manfro's bookie business. True, he's not technically betting himself, but the look of euphoria on his face has us worried for what comes next.

9. Best Redemption: She spent most of last week's show chiding the other coaches with some rather questionable trash talk, but The Voice's Christina Aguilera finally shows a sweet, albeit very emotional, side. When she must choose which singer to send home (America has already saved Beverly McClellan), she starts to cry. "My heart is beating so fast and I've grown so attached to all of you," she says, before choosing Frenchie Davis to remain in the competition, sending young'uns Raquel Castro and Lily Elise packing. Aw, now if we could just make her promise to burn those short-shorts.

8. Saddest "I Do's": Hours after tying the knot on HawthoRNe, Christina and Tom's marital bliss turns into agony when she is brutally attacked in the hospital parking lot by a hooded stranger and is left fighting for her and her unborn baby's  life. Christina survives, but her baby doesn't — a tragedy all the more heartbreaking when she insists on delivering the stillborn herself.

7. Most Dramatic Exit, Part I: The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra has complained all season about former castmate Jeana talking to the press about her divorce — yet she has no problem publicly accusing Slade of not paying child support. ("Hello, Kettle, it's me, Pot; you're black!") After Slade tries to defend himself, Tamra walks off stage during the reunion show and calls Slade's baby mama to make sure she has her story straight. "I'm not trying to get in the middle of your guys' business," Tamra explains feebly. You could have fooled us!

6. Most Devious: On Pretty Little Liars, the girls agree to see a shrink to deal with the death of their best friend. Just when the foursome seems ready to open up — perhaps hoping a grown-up would finally be on their side — they realize that someone has already gotten to the therapist, as they spy Mr. Fitz's diploma discreetly hanging on the office wall. Shocked and stunned, the PLLs get the message loud and clear: "A" is always one step ahead of them — and no one is safe.

5. Most Dramatic Exit, Part II: Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed manage to top their awkward Today interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee (no wonder those ladies drink at 10 a.m.) when the estranged couple bickers on The Joy Behar Show. After Simmons makes a joke about his numerous sexual partners, Tweed hits Simmons on the shoulder, throws her microphone at him and walks off stage, from where she continues to yell at him. At this point, is there any dirty laundry left to air on Family Jewels?

4. Best (Lack of) Crowd Control: One week after taking responsibility for that infamous crotch shot and admitting his sexting past, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner announces his resignation in a press conference that's less bizarre than his first attempt at contrition — but only if you consider Benjy Bronk to be a logical presence at these things. The Howard Stern cohort once again steals the show, heckling the disgraced politico, yelling, "Pervert!" and "Are you more than 7 inches?" We're guessing the former Congressman won't be fielding that particular inquiry on Twitter, right?

3. Worst Timing: Just when Detectives Linden and Holder think they've nailed Rosie's murderer on The Killing (we've heard that before), Sarah — with the help of a police IT superhero — gets a very disturbing wake-up call. While inside Richmond's home, she hears an alarming "you've got mail" ping at the precise moment that her colleague sends an email to the alleged killer "Orpheus." She stares at Richmond's computer screen in shock just as Richmond lurks outside the room. "What are you doing in here?" Richmond asks. We'll find out Sunday, I guess!

2. The Marie Antoinette Award: Viewers learn just how ruthless Game of Thrones can be when Ned Stark — the moral heart and soul of the show — is unexpectedly beheaded after he falsely confesses to treason in a deal to save himself and his daughters. But we have to give credit to HBO for respecting the shocking source material. Not a drop of blood was seen, even though our blood ran cold from the emotional horror. R.I.P. Ned Stark. Your death has renewed our faith in HBO's programming chutzpah.

1. Best Emcee: Is there anything Neil Patrick Harris can't do? Following a rousing Tony Awards opening number and a fabulous dance-off with Hugh Jackman, the actor reels off a rap in the final moments of the show that recaps the winners and major moments of the previous three hours. The number was written on the fly during the show by In the Heights writer and director Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail, the process of which is documented in this fascinating time-lapse video, including the moments just before Harris performs it, when he's reading it for the first time. Can we just go ahead and secure him to host the Oscars now, please?

What were your top moments?