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The Modern Family finale played like a Spanish telenovela — complete with a surprise twist ending!

After Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) learned there was a baby waiting for them in a border town called Calexico, they enlisted Gloria (Sofia Vergara) to come along since she would be able to translate for them — as long as she could handle her car sickness. Upon arrival, the telenova unfolded, with the birth mother's grandmother apparently learning about the pregnancy before deciding that she would take care of the baby. Darn mysterious ranch hand who was supposed to be dead but revealed the news!

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Mitchell and Cam finally lost it. Having gotten their hopes up again, and regretting that they missed Lily's recital just to lose out on getting the baby boy they've been waiting for, they decided to take a break from trying to adopt again. Where's the twist? Someone is still getting a baby! It turns out Gloria wasn't suffering from car sickness. She's pregnant!

Meanwhile, Haley (Sarah Hyland) planned on going to community college and getting a job at the mall in order to butter up her parents so when she dropped the bombshell of moving in with Dylan (Reid Ewing) they would be OK with it. Of course, they weren't, but it didn't matter: Haley had gotten into college after all! (Luke hid her acceptance letter.) Plus: Alex (Ariel Winter)... well, she's just the same old geek she's always been. However, she takes the cake for best one-liner ever when she dubs herself someone's "stubble" as the precursor of the beard for her unknowingly gay prom date.

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