Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen

It's going to be an action packed finale of Modern Family, and Julie Bowen has the bruises to show for it. "Ty [Burrell] and I actually convinced the producers after much begging and pleading to let us do a couple of stunts of our own, which weren't dangerous but they look ridiculous and they're fantastic," Bowen told TV Guide Magazine at the Milk + Bookies celebration on March 20.

The reason she's black and blue? Yet another demonstration of amazing parenting skills, natch. "They're related to Claire and Phil not being able to get to Alex's graduation and doing this Planes, Trains and Automobiles rigmarole to get there," she explains. "Like riding bikes and falling down things and general insanity."

For Bowen, who just finished shooting the second season last week, choosing season highlights is like picking your favorite child, but before season's end another of her favorite episodes is coming up. "They're all funny, but the Mother's Day episode is really sweet," she says. "Sofia [Vergara] and I go hiking with our children and end up offending them, which always makes me laugh. And it's touching, too. There are some really sweet moments."

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