Modern Family Modern Family

What happens when the funniest show on earth visits the happiest place on earth? We'll find out in an upcoming episode of ABC's Modern Family that finds the gang meeting Mickey and pals at Disneyland. Turns out the cast encountered a real-life roadblock on Main Street U.S.A. during the three-day shoot. "We just so happened to be shooting on Leap Day, when they keep Disneyland open for 24 hours," says Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell). "It was the busiest Disneyland has been all year."

Undaunted, the cast still managed to make the most of their adventure. And just like their characters, Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) couldn't help getting into a little mischief. "We got to see some secret parts of Disneyland," says Ferguson. "When we ran into Aladdin, Cinderella and Snow White backstage on a break, Eric and I were desperately trying to get them to crack — 'So, you going to go have a cigarette, Cinderella?' They maintained character, but you could tell they were freaking out!"      

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