Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara

Please tell me Modern Family will time jump nine months next season to avoid covering up sexy Sofia Vergara in pregnancy padding. That would be a crime! —Ted, Norfolk, Va.

Sorry to disappoint, but executive producer Steven Levitan tells me the season will open with "everybody learning about Gloria's pregnancy." And it's a safe bet that Claire and Mitchell will be none too pleased to find out they'll be getting a new brother or sister. Turns out the cast was as shocked by the story line as the audience. "They didn't tell any of us it was happening," reveals Nolan Gould (Luke). "It wasn't in the script. They filmed Sofia with one camera guy, one sound guy and one hair and makeup guy. I didn't find out until I watched it."

I always loved Dallas cliffhangers. Do you know how the season will end? — Carol, Concord, N.H.

"There is a jaw-dropping cliffhanger in the sense that nobody is exactly who they seem to be," Patrick Duffy (Bobby) teases of the August 8 finale. Rebecca and Ann will figure prominently as long-buried secrets are unearthed. And in classic Dallas tradition, someone might not be feeling so well by the end of the hour.

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