Ann Ward Ann Ward

Model Ann Ward initially stood out this season on the CW's America's Next Top Model (Wednesdays, 8/7c) due to the controversy surrounding her tiny waist. But she's now turning heads for being the first contestant in history to win five elimination challenges in a row. 

TV Guide Magazine: No one has ever won five big challenges in a row. How does that feel?
Ward: I was so proud of myself for accomplishing something so huge! Watching it at home, it kind of sunk in some more. I'm so excited to have broken a record! 

TV Guide Magazine: Despite these victories, what did you feel you needed to improve?
Ward: I definitely didn't feel too great about the expression I made during my walk. Also, my shyness was something I was struggling with a lot.

TV Guide Magazine: You've said that you can eat pretty much anything and not gain weight. What's your biggest indulgence?
Ward: The food I could probably never pass up is cake. That and any kind of chocolate.

TV Guide Magazine: How did you feel about the controversy over your super-skinnyness?
Ward: I was confident people would find out what I was like and what issues I had [with being so tall at 6'2"]. I'm proud that I'm doing well so far, especially after going into the competition with insecurities.

TV Guide Magazine: What would you say to girls bullied for being different?
Ward: I would say not to let it get to you no matter what. When people bully, it's because they are insecure. Different isn't always a bad thing. Don't let bullies take away the fact that we are all unique and all have things special about us.

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