Persons Unknown Persons Unknown

They're watching you! No, it's not paranoia — it's the premise of NBC's summer psychological thriller Persons Unknown (premiering Monday at 10/9c on NBC).

Created by screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects), the 13-episode series begins tonight when seven strangers, including Third Watch vet Jason Wiles and Spin City's Alan Ruck, are kidnapped and brought to a town that's deserted except for a Chinese restaurant and an unknown presence behind the surveillance cameras that are everywhere.

The group is left wondering why them, and for what purposes, but executive producer Rémi Aubuchon promises that viewers will be clued in to those answers sooner rather than later: "The audience will know more than the people in the town. It was important for us to not test the viewers' patience. There is a beginning, middle and an end, and I think it will be satisfying."

If slightly unsettling. According to Aubuchon, "Everything that happens to these people could happen to any of us. There are no crazy magical things going on here. They aren't on Mars. There are no Smoke Monsters."

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