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The 6 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments from Miss USA

And Donald Trump wasn't even there!

Robyn Ross

Following weeks of controversy, the Miss USA pageant aired, and while there wasn't a mention of Donald Trump, the competition wasn't lacking in cringe-worthy moments.

A little backstory: On June 16, Trump, who owns the Miss USA Organization with NBC Universal, announced he was running for President. During his speech, he made extremely off-color remarks about Mexican immigrants, prompting Univision to drop the pageant from its broadcast. Soon NBC, which was also slated to air Miss USA, dropped the programming and severed all ties with Trump. The co-hosts and judges dropped like flies as well. Then, earlier this month, Reelz announced it would air the competition. And so, we hadSunday night's glorious event.

Trump wasn't present during the three-hour broadcast, but there were still plenty of awkward moments, horrible flubs and even a minor fall on stage. Oh, and Miss Oklahoma won. Here are our the most cringe-worthy moments.

The 5 funniest (and most bizarre) moments from the Miss American pageant

1. Perhaps in response to Trump's comments, there was a montage that highlighted the diverse backgrounds of the contestants. But even if the sentiment was right, it was trying too hard to rectify the Trump situation that's beyond fixable.

2. Miss Nevada tripped, although it could've been much worse.

3. A montage showed the women enjoying "authentic Asian cooking," but cut to them dancing with cotton candy. Because, carnival food is so Asian.

4. During the first of the Top 5's interview questions, Miss Rhode Island froze when asked about Jerry Seinfeld'scomments about political correctness. She then proceeded to say this:

5. It somehow got worse with Miss Nevada.

6. All the finalists were asked which woman they'd like to appear on the $10 bill. Answers ranged from Harriet Tubman to Oprah, but then Miss Texas said no one and instead remarked that all the current bills are of presidents. (Spoiler alert: Benjamin Franklin was not a president.)

Did you watch Miss USA? Share your favorite moments below.