Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart

Who knew Miss America could be such entertaining television?

On Sunday night's live broadcast of the 2015 pageant, Miss New York was crowned the winner in a three-peat for the state. But the victory was hardly the most exciting moment of the night. From misspellings, to bizarre pop-up factoids to the show's highlight — ventriloquism! — here are our top 5 funniest and most bizarre moments from the night.

1.The punny opening
The opening sequence featured all 53 contestants lip-synching to Iggy Azaelea's "Fancy" while strutting Atlantic City's boardwalk. You know the drill, each contestant looks into the camera and tells us who they are. Some of our favorite rationales: Miss Nevada nonsensically reporting that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" (what does that mean?), Miss California citing the state's abundance of avocados by exclaiming "Holy Guacamole!" and Miss West Virginia telling us that she's our "Mountain Mama," apparently in reference to the John Denver song.

2. Talent!
Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, caught a little flak for her cutesy rendition of Pharrell Williams' already-cutesy "Happy" a la Pitch Perfect -- yeah, she sat on the edge of the stage and banged red plastic cups to the beat. Mackenzie Bart, Miss Ohio, who was much anticipated for her ventriloquism act, stole the show with a performance of Mary Poppins' rapid-fire "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

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3. Factoids
Who doesn't love a good pop-up factoid, but these were just downright absurd! Our favorites included one lady who "grew up with the nickname Bob," Miss Arkansas' love of giraffes, this one who's terrified of frogs, and, of course, Miss New York's penchant for street hot dogs and a misspelled Jane Austen.  

4. Evening wear and bikinis
As we checked out some seriously sparkly gowns, we got a glimpse into the minds of the contestants. Among the insights: There was, of course, mention of devotion to several worthy causes, while other ladies used their time to discuss their love of Game of Thrones or the fact that their favorite celebrity is "Pinterest."

5. Serious questions — with pretty good answers.
Not surprising were the hard-hitting questions for the top 5 on subjects like ISIS and Ray Rice. But more shocking was that, for the most part, the women, especially Miss New York, had competent answers.

What was your favorite moment?