Mischa Barton by George Pimentel/ WireImage.com Mischa Barton by George Pimentel/ WireImage.com

Former O.C. star Mischa Barton is planning to accept a plea agreement in her DUI case, which will keep her out of jail, People reports.

According to the report, Barton, who was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles on Dec. 27 (a first-time offense), will plead no contest at her arraignment Thursday. She will be sentenced to a three-month alcohol-education class, will pay a $1,700 fine and will serve unsupervised probation for three years. Additionally, since only a small amount of marijuana was found, the pot-possession charge will be dropped, and the charge of driving without a license will be reduced to a minor violation.

Do you think of the plea agreement is fair? Should she serve jail time? - Adam Bryant

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