"For a minute we were like a Hallmark card, and then it all went to crap...." Andy's assessment of his frustrating, ever-fluctuating relationship with Ephram

Well, that pretty much sums everything up. The dad of the year actually pulled an Emily Gilmore and bribed his son to have dinner with him on a regular basis by giving him 50 bucks per meal. At least it keeps the peace in the Brown family for now. And it is probably better that Ephram is out of the house and living with Bright and their cute gay-doctor roomie. Which in turn might make Bright less compelled to "vacuum all the time and watch the Bravo channel." But while the globe-trotting Ephram has reconnected with his dad with only one screaming match and a long sullen pout is that a new record? and is all buddy-buddy with Bright, he will have a much harder time rekindling his relationship with Amy. Apparently she's over him; she must have had a lot of time to think while shuttling her mom back and forth to doctor's appointments. But the Bright-and-Hannah relationship seems to be moving along sweetly; they get my hands-down vote for the cutest couple on TV. They even made it past Bright's third-date rule... so adorable. The only story line that I was less than impressed with or engaged by tonight was Nina and Dr. Dimples' restaurant opening. Yeah, I get it things change, and you've opened up what looks like every other trendy coffee/sandwich bar in the world. But I don't care if the Everwoodians are stubborn and set in their ways it's a small town, and it would be nice if once in a while something stayed the same. Besides, it was that old-fashioned charm that drew the deceased Mrs. Brown to this town, which kick-started this whole drama in the first place.