Body doubles might be the norm in the movies, but for teen phenom Miley Cyrus, having one has been the source of mixed responses from her fans. According to the AP, a video taken of her current tour reveals that, during the bridge of one her songs, Miley is escorted through a trap door and replaced by a new "Hannah Montana" until the real Miley reappears in costume moments later. ( Watch related video here.)

One source said that body doubles are often used during concerts to help with production transitions and the practice of using them is not dishonest, but not all of the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star's fans agree. In the meantime, Miley's shows have been sold out across the country, with tickets sometimes garnering under-the-table prices into the thousands.

What do you think? Was Miley's use of a body double "dishonest"? - Anna Dimond