Miley Cyrus by Al Pereira/ Miley Cyrus by Al Pereira/

In front of a sold-out crowd at her Saturday concert in New Orleans, Miley Cyrus abruptly stopped singing, told the audience she wasn't feeling well and then raced off the stage. Five minutes later, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports, Cyrus returned to the spotlight, opting for a seat on a stool instead of hoofing it all over the stage as she had done for the hour prior. After a few last songs, Cyrus' father, Billy Ray - who happened to be in the Big Easy for a gig of his own - joined her for the encore, a duet of "Ready, Set, Don't Go."

Hannah Montana, it should be noted, felt "as right as rain" the entire concert, and was even heard backstage dissing Miley as "a lightweight."