Miley Cyrus by John Medina/ Miley Cyrus by John Medina/
Miley Cyrus may have found her number one fan - and he is a would-be teen terrorist. On Tuesday, the 16-year-old superfan went so far as to plan to hijack a plane and crash into an arena where Miley was scheduled to perform,

PageSix reports. Fortunately for everyone involved, however, the uber-fan was confronted midair before he put his plan into action. He was found with handcuffs, duct tape and a rope - not to mention the plane's flight plan - and was arrested upon landing in Nashville. Despite all his planning, however, the teen would have missed his target: Miley's show wasn't scheduled to go on until Friday. - Anna Dimond Related: " Miley Movie Tix Tough to Score " Miley Cyrus Plagued by "Double" Trouble " Watch video: Miley Clips and Hannah Montana episodes