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The closer we get to the Feb. 1 premiere of the Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds Concert movie, the more headlines the teen sensation seems to be making. Body doubles! A rumored breakup! A name change! Could it all be part of a plot to keep young Miley Ray Cyrus in the news? We don't know. What we do know is that if that's the case, there must have been some ideas that didn't make the cut. Here are those bad ideas. - David Flores

10) Miley Grows a Mullet: After her announcement that's she added her dad's "Ray" name, she announces that she's also adding her dad's Achy Breaky mane.

9) The Crossover: After finding some musty CDs in Dad's attic, Miley becomes enthralled by '90s hip-hop beats and covers the collected works of Kid 'n Play.

8) The Intervention: Miley shows up at a Hollywood Starbucks trying to straighten out Britney Spears. (After all, could she do any worse than Dr. Phil?)

7) The Adoption: While standing at a restroom in New Orleans, Miley is accidentally adopted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She escapes minutes later when the Pitt-Jolies lose count of how many children they have at a local Pizza Hut.

6) The Candidate: Deciding that she's had enough of the deadlock in Washington, D.C., Miley Ray announces she'll run for president of the United States in 2028, and begins running attack ads against prospective rival Jamie Lynn Spears.

5) State of Disgrace: Saying she hasn't felt the love from the great state of Montana, our heroine decides to change the name of her show to "Hannah North Dakota." To the relief of everyone, she changes her mind after receiving a lovely fruit basket from the Treasure State.

4) The Meal: The star announces her plans for a line of non-gourmet food called Miley's Mini-Meals. First product: Hannah Montana's Hamburger-in-a-Can.

3) MileyIdol: In a move that flabbergasts critics, Miley shows up under a pseudonym to audition for American Idol in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, belting out one of her own tunes. Randy Jackson tells her, "That was pitchy." Simon punches Randy. Paula... does something no one understands. A dejected Miley does not get sent to Hollywood.

2) BotGirl: Fans are shocked to learn that the real Miley Cyrus is a retiring, bookish high-school student whose genius former mullet-wearing dad has sent out a string of android MileyBots to captivate American teens and separate their parents from their wallets.

1) The Breakup: Rumors of the fabled romance and breakup between Miley and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers explode when it's learned that she's left him for his body double.

What's your take? Is the recent rash of "shocking" Miley news part of a calculated pre-premiere PR campaign? Do you have any other "headline-making" ploys to add to our list?

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