How I Met Your Mother
It's New Year's Eve,

How I Met Your Mother-style: Ted rents a limo and the gang is being chauffeured from place to place by their favorite taxi driver, who's been upgraded. Cool. I love Barney's get-psyched mix, which kicked off with

Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." Supposedly the soundtrack only got better from there. I'd love to see that list. I'm already feeling a little bit old watching Voice-over Ted explain to his children in the future who exactly Moby is. Barney and his dating games never get old, though. The fun-loving guy may have his mellow moments, but tonight he's sharing his midnight kiss with a thickly accented woman who he says is from "the Former Republic of Drunkoffherassikstan." Neil Patrick Harris' crazy delivery makes me completely forgive him for doing the schmaltzy The Christmas Blessing.