Celebrating a landmark birthday helped self-proclaimed hermit and former Profiler Jamie Luner come to a few conclusions about life. "When you're 22 or 23, you think the world revolves around you, and I felt that way for a long time," she confesses to TV Guide Online. "But I just turned 30, and I love it! You realize, 'Whoa, baby, you ain't all that.' And you're not! You're just a woman out there doing something she loves."

After heating things up on such sudsy ensemble fare as Melrose Place and Savannah, the actress found that taking the lead wasn't all it was cracked up to be. "Don't get me wrong, Profiler was a great experience, but it was more work than anyone could imagine," she sighs. "Once I finished that show, I said, 'I can do anything!'"

Instead, Luner opted to do nothing. "I really needed to separate myself from the business, and now I'm ready to get back in."

But rather than make a big TV commitment, she opted for an episode of The Outer Limits (airing Saturday at 10 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel). "It's like doing a mini-movie, in that you're able to spend more time digesting the character and breaking it down," she explains. "In series work, you don't really get to do [that]."

Still, Luner isn't ruling out headlining another series at some point. "I don't want to avoid anything," she admits. "I'm here for the challenge."