When Joan Rivers' industrious daughter, Melissa, isn't busy stalking Hollywood's red carpets with Mom, the part-time producer spends her time dreaming up other colorful programming for TV Guide Channel. Case in point: She's hosting TV Candy — debuting June 26 at 9 pm/ET — an unusual new twist on reality makeover shows.

"Instead of identifying with celebrities, some people want to emulate their favorite TV characters," she says. "So we help everyday people recreate those looks. We do their hair, makeup, clothing and a little bit of lifestyle help.

"We don't give them a $20 million mansion in Laguna Beach [if they love The O.C.]," Rivers jokes, "but we help them. For example, maybe you love the free-spirited look of Phoebe from Friends. Or you've perfected your household chores, but you don't want to be Marcia Cross. You want to be Bree from Desperate Housewives, dammit! We'll give you her look."

If Missy were to turn into her fave TV character for a day, who would she choose? "I'm a big Law & Order fan, so I'd be Detective Fontana (Dennis Farina)," she laughs. "I'd do padding, a moustache and one of his great suits. Nah, I'm just kidding; I'd probably be a female. I loved Carey Lowell's character, ADA Jamie Ross. She always looked so good."

Do you want to transform into your television idol on TV Candy? Please send photo submissions along with a completed release form to:

TV Candy Submissions6922 Hollywood Blvd.11th FloorHollywood, Calif. 90028