<EM>Hell's Kitchen</EM> Hell's Kitchen
Melissa came out of the gate strong and used that momentum to win a bunch of challenges and carry her across the finish line and off to the school of her dreams Pomona College. While I'm sure it's a good school (and I certainly don't mean to sound like a snobby Ivy Leaguer, since I myself didn't attend one) but I expected that Melissa like most of the people on this show was attending a big-name university. But good for her for finding what, according to my quick Google search, looks like a pretty tough school to get into, with a hefty little tuition that she now doesn't have to worry about, thanks to the scholarship committee and Steve Martin (yes, the wild-and-crazy guy himself exec-produced this show). This turned out to be a good-natured series that focused on the positive and left all that nasty reality backstabbing behind. What a nice idea to have the three finalists' mentors give speeches, and to have a former competitor get up and say a few words about what it was like to get to know each of them. This show, where no one had to skinny-dip in a hot tub or eat bugs, is a true gem and actually helps hardworking kids get an education. While my personal fave

Amari didn't win, I'd still be happy to watch another season of this show that included a follow-up on how this gang, even the annoying Davis, is surviving their freshman year. And to find out if Liz ever got to meet Angelina Jolie, especially since that the pouty-lipped star was the person (living or dead) that the high-school gal most wanted to meet. Think that cost her some points with the scholarship committee? Perhaps.