Mark Harmon, Eva Longoria, David Boreanaz Mark Harmon, Eva Longoria, David Boreanaz

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Will NCIS resolve Tony's investigation in the season opener? — Jennie C., via Twitter
I'm hearing Tony's mole hunt will be mostly wrapped up in the premiere. And if you're worried that the investigation is going to tear our beloved team apart, let executive producer Gary Glasberg assure you otherwise. "Our group will be working together as a team more often [this season] and not be quite as splintered as they sometimes are," he says. "There are certain things that [the new Secretary of the Navy] may want them to do, and they're going to have to unite in certain ways to take on those challenges."

Do you have any scoop on Desperate Housewives? —Allie
Carlos won't deal so well with the guilt of killing Gaby's stepfather, even if it meant saving Gaby's life. In turn, she'll try to find a priest to give him absolution — and by "find," we mean "kidnap."

So excited to hear about the new villain on Bones. What else have you heard about the new season? — Linda
 Executive producer Stephen Nathan confirms that the Nov. 3 premiere deals with an amnesia victim, which forces Booth and Brennan to reflect on their own pasts. That means that Ryan O'Neal will be returning as Brennan's father, but will we meet any of Booth's family in the process? "We'll be dealing with an important aspect of Booth's family as well," Nathan says. "Both of them had quite unique and difficult upbringings. It's about finding out how memories affect [them] going forward."

Please tell me you have Mikita spoilers for the new season of Nikita! — Leslie
Nikita and Michael will use the information contained in the black box to begin undoing the decades-long wrath of Percy. First up: They'll help a captain who was framed by the now-former Division leader escape from military prison. Unfortunately for the star-crossed — and ass-kicking — couple, Alex will be hot on their trail.

Any word on who will play the new captain on Castle? — Ellen
I'm hearing the show auditioned several big-name actresses, but no one's signed on the dotted line yet. We shouldn't have to wait much longer, though: I'm told they'll introduce the new bosslady at Comic-Con in late July.

Jane and Maura are my favorite duo on television right now. Do you have any spoilers on what we'll see for them this season on Rizzoli & Isles? — Justin
Sadly, their BFF status may be in jeopardy when Maura hides a troubling secret. "Jane comes to the realization that she's maybe misjudged her relationship with Maura," Angie Harmon tells us. "She's always thought she could be herself and be personal around Maura, and the way Maura is acting is proving that to be untrue."

I miss Blue Bloods. Got any scoop to get me excited about the fall? — Taylor
I've got two words for you: new mayor. One of the Reagans will respond to the new City Hall leadership with three more words: letter of resignation.

What's coming up on The Big C? — Linda
Next week's episode is appropriately titled "Sexual Healing," but it's not just Paul and Cathy who are making a connection. Little Adam Jamison is becoming a man, and he'll never think of the laundry room in the same way.

What did JJ whisper to Hotch at the end of "Lauren" on Criminal Minds? — Brooke Pierson, via Twitter
Like I'd tell you! But I'm betting that the secret will be revealed this season, given that executive producer Erica Messer is planning to further explore the Hotch and JJ of it all. "There is a relationship there — especially having shared this secret — that we think is worth exploring," Messer says. "It's nothing romantic, but there's definitely a bond that these two have... that doesn't come along very often."

This season of Drop Dead Diva is even better than the last. What's the scoop? — Katie
The O.J. Simpson trial is coming to Diva... sort of. When Stacy is accused of stealing a $4,000 pair of boots from a celebrity's home, she'll prove her innocence in the most logical way: If the glove boots don't fit, you must acquit!

Got anything juicy on Royal Pains? — Grace
Who doesn't a love a little doctor-on-doctor rivalry? The show is looking for a name actress to recur as Hank's med school nemesis. Described as beautiful and spunky, she's now working at Brooklyn Mercy, the hospital that blacklisted Hank in the pilot episode. We hear he'll have to swallow his pride when he seeks her advice about a clinically depressed patient.

I love William H. Macy on Shameless! What sort of antics will he get up to? — Marshall
Frank will hit a new low this season when he tries to woo a dying old bar patron who is known charmingly as Butterface. Frank simply wants to help her around the house and squat there in return. But he'll soon learn that Butterface has other ideas about how exactly Frank will pay the rent.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Laura Linney's gleeful pot score (she skipped away from a drug deal!) on The Big C made us want to see Cathy beat cancer and decide to take up narcotrafficking herself. Oh, wait...

Adam's Mini Rant: I think NBC should have dropped Chelsea Handler from their new Chelsea Handler sitcom, if for no other reason than that terrible wig.

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