Matthew Fox (Lost), Liz Vassey (CSI) and Michael Weatherly (NCIS) Matthew Fox (Lost), Liz Vassey (CSI) and Michael Weatherly (NCIS)

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I miss seeing Jack and Juliet together on Lost. Is there anything to look forward to? — Maria
MATT: It's a good thing spring has sprung, because, I am sad to say, it looks like you won't have any "Jacket" to keep you warm. When I asked Elizabeth Mitchell about what's ahead for Juliet and Jack, she said, "We very rarely have anything to do together anymore, but we do have a few moments, and they are very rich and full." So get while the getting is good, 'shippers. 

Are CSI's Wendy and Hodges ever going to get more face time? Together? — Angelic
TIM: They will indeed. In a Battlestar-studded April episode, as they investigate a murder at a sci-fi convention, Wendy and Hodges discover their mutual love for a classic series. I don't know which one, but this feels like a setup for the backdoor pilot CSI: Enterprise

Are we ever going to meet Dr. William Bell on Fringe or is he just a red herring? — Rob
MICKEY: Get ready, Rob! "I can't wait to see who it is, how it's revealed or what he represents or where he comes from," John Noble told us of the identity of his former partner in weird science. I'm hearing Dr. Bell will be ID'd in the finale, but that he might not be formally introduced in his first appearance, which could be sooner. So keep your eyes peeled. 

Any dish on Grey's Anatomy's most interesting couple, Cristina and Owen? Any chance of them hitting the sheets soon? — Erin
MATT: "Interesting" is pretty much how Kevin McKidd summed up his Grey's romance when he dropped by on Tuesday for a video Q&A. Calling the docs' courtship "kind of cool," the Scotsman said, "They're probably more in love than a lot of people on the show, and yet they haven't actually consummated their relationship." Why are they waiting to do the deed, violent PTSD outbursts aside? Says McKidd, "They both know deep down that this isn't just [about] a quickie in the on-call room ... so they're holding out for the correct set of circumstances." As for when said moment might arrive, I will say this: sooner than you think. (Part 1 of my McQ&A posts Thursday.)

Please post more news on 30 Rock and NCIS! — Sherilyn
TIM: First up, here's a tip for Tina Fey: Call Isabella Rossellini. The actress, who was so electric as Jack's ex-wife in Season 1, tells us she would return to the show "in a flash." 30 Rock, please let her go to there.
MATT: NCIS-wise, my moles say that in late April/early May, we'll get first glimpse of the Office of Special Projects. This division of NCIS will employ mad-cool, cutting-edge technology that has never been shown on a TV series before. And keep in mind, we have already seen the Funcooker.

Will there be a "New Generation" for Battlestar Galactica? — Sheryl
MICKEY: What the frak, Sheryl?! They just made it to "Earth." Give them a little time to craft tank tops from gazelle hides and figure out which animalistic grunt will be considered a broadcast-safe profanity. In the meantime, we'll see the BSG miniseries The Plan, which will fill in some Final Five backstory from a Cylon perspective, in the fall. The prequel series Caprica won't debut until 2010, but you can buy the pilot episode on DVD next month, at which time hopefully we'll learn why Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales are always wearing fedoras. 

Is it true that someone is leaving House at the end of the season? If so, I'd love to know who, or at least get a few hints. — Amanda
Yeah, a lot of people have been playing catch-up ever since Katie Jacobs told me (back in January) that House's team will be down a person come season's end. Jacobs also said that the events of the finale, like last year's, will have a profound impact on House himself. Having screened next week's Mos Def-initely excellent episode — and in light of recent death/suicide rumors — I can foresee a future where the increasingly put-upon Taub takes his own life, right in House's office. Hmm, might that make Dr. Nasty's demeanor less mean?

Will Heroes' Peter ever get his real power back, where he can absorb multiple powers? — Daniel
TIM: "There are basically two directions," says Heroes' Hiro, Masi Oka. "A lot of people are getting new levels to their powers. Like Matt Parkman, who can now draw the future. But people like Peter and Sylar perhaps have become too powerful, so they're trying to scale it back down." You can read Adam Bryant's full interview with Oka here

On Life, why did they break up Crews and Reese? Is something up with Sarah Shahi that they can't give her normal camera time? — Heather
MICKEY: Yeah, she's got a bun in the oven, which means no gun-slinging action adventures for Reese for the near future. Or maybe ever again, since I'm hearing that the season finale has been retooled to convey much more closure, which is not a good sign for the on-the-bubble series.

Is there a chance that someone from Firefly will be playing Dollhouse's Alpha? Any Dollhouse scoop, really, would be über-appreciated! — Becca
MATT: We're not supposed to know who's playing Alpha, for what (if you stop to think about it) are obvious reasons. So out of respect for Joss Whedon's storytelling, I'll sidestep your first question. On the scoop front, I'm wondering if Echo's alley-fight reveal to Ballard — that someone on "the inside" is trying to help him — was truth-telling or a bit of misinformation planted by Adelle. Here's what Whedon said when I ran that by him: "You can go ahead and wonder that, but for now I'd take it at face value." 

Kings is the best new series in years!!! Give us some scoop! — Giovanni
MICKEY: Ciao, Giovanni, cosa fai? Those Benjamin kids have a lot of secrets, huh? Remember how King Silas expressed his disgust for what Prince Jack (aka the royal pain in the ass) does "with his boys at night"? You'll soon find out that there are at least three possible interpretations of that phrase. 

The rumblings about Chad Michael Murray leaving One Tree Hill are not surprising. But please tell me the CW is not foolish enough to let Hilarie Burton leave, too. — Mr Orange
MATT: What if I told you that perhaps neither actor is leaving? A setsider tells the Buzz that Tree Hill producers seem to be allowing for such an outcome, seeing as the season finale script makes no reference to Lucas and/or Peyton ... and/or their soon-to-arrive baby/babies ... leaving town. 

Mickey's Mega Rave: File this under "tempting fate," but Bryan Fuller's return to Heroes appears to have done the trick — thinly veiled Pushing Daisies references and all. True, I could have done without the flying-over-Paris nonsense, but Hiro, Angela, Danko and Tracy all had crystal-clear narratives that got me excited to see where the show is heading. Plus, Micah is back. My hope is (temporarily) restored!

Matt's Mini Rant: Addison Montgomery has never been a paragon of virtue, on either Grey's or Private Practice. But this latest storyline, where Addison is pining (pining!) for a married father-to-be, is making me sick to my stomach — and in no way that Oceanside Wellness can fix.

Tim's Micro Riff: This guy should be king of everything. 

Reader Quote of the Week: "Man, am I sad. My son and I started watching Sci Fi together many years ago — Stargate, and then Battlestar. Now he is 18 and going off to college, and Battlestar is over. I will have to get a life! Over the years I became part of a group of otherwise diverse people that got seriously hooked on this show. I regularly discussed [it] with my business partner, my son's friends, two kids that work at my local Starbucks, a neighbor, the guy who put up my gutters last summer (I overheard him say "frakkin'"), and I have so enjoyed reading the comments of the posters here. Sorry for being so sentimental. My son just came by my office, I said, "What's going on with you today?" He looked at me and said, "Nothing but the rain, dad." (Lawrenceo, after the Battlestar Galactica finale aired)

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