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Do you know which Desperate Housewives kid was switched at birth? — Daniel
Our source is saying that the new season will raise several possibilities, and that we shouldn't jump to any conclusions based on this recasting. That said, Lynette's daughter Penny will have more heavy lifting to do this season, acting-wise.

What can we expect of the new season of The Closer? — Janelle
Brenda Leigh will have a harder time adjusting to the Major Crimes Unit's new digs than she has solving a murder (which will involve an adulterous wife and her jealous husband). Pope, however, has plenty of reasons to love the new workspace, chief among them a new title on his office nameplate.

I can't wait for Fringe to be back. What do you know about Olivia's mother? — Jack
So far, we're hearing that we'll only see her "over there," and that her ties to the Bishop family will be surprising.

Any Dexter scoop? — Brianna
Looks like somebody in Miami Metro is going to be investigated, internal affairs-style. The show is currently seeking a middle-aged male to play the snitch. Watch your back, Quinn.

True Blood
seems to be not-so-subtly foreshadowing a Sookie-Eric hookup. When will it happen? — Karrie
We're guessing it'll be soon, because once Sookie finds out what Bill is up to over at the king's manor house, she is going to be more than ready for some "passionate, primal sex."

Rescue Me
teases? — Greg
Here are four: 1) Tommy's not the only person who'll be spending time in the hospital; 2) Garrity's battle with cancer begins anew; 3) teases 1 and 2 are unrelated; and 4) yet another Gavin is on the sauce (hic).

OK, fine, tell us about Vince on Entourage. — Mel
Did Jay McInerney join the writing staff? (Aside: Wouldn't that be something?) A series of professional disappointments drives our favorite charisma-free movie star to lock himself in a hotel suite for a marathon sesh with the old Bolivian marching powder. (Ask your parents to explain the '80s to you.)

I loved The Gates! Got any scoop on my new favorite show? — Meg
The wolf pack will be divided after the weres are forced to cover up a murder. Also, as you may have already guessed, Nick isn't exactly a squeaky-clean cop. When his dirty little secret surfaces, it'll put his life in jeopardy.

Will we see Divya and Raj's wedding on Royal Pains? — Tracy
No word on the actual nuptials just yet, but we hear that Divya's pre-wedding jitters will inspire some very immodest behavior. Remember how weird it was that she was all psyched to help virtual stranger Jill with her yard sale? Well, we think the producers were setting up a buddy arc for the ladies, which will culminate in Divya's not-so-proper "bridal tea."
Have you heard anything about the new season of Human Target ? —Will
The show is currently on the lookout for a female series regular to be a worthy adversary to Christopher Chance. Isla, a sexy, no-nonsense widow, will overcome her hesitations about Chance to become the Charlie to his team's angels.

Any scoop on the new season of 90210? — Ilya
Dixon and Ivy's relationship/dudeship/whatever will be seriously strained when Leo, a family friend from the U.K., comes to stay with Ivy and Laurel to do a postgraduate year at West Bev (because that happens). Everyone we talk to compares him to the protagonist of The Talented Mr. Ripley, which is definitely not a good sign.

Is Kim Dickens going to be in Treme's second season? — Lacey
Even though Janette traded New Orleans for New York's culinary mean streets in the season finale, co-creator Eric Overmyer says the character will return in Season 2. "She'll come back and visit ... and we are going to have scenes of Janette in New York," he says. Overymyer also says he hopes to get David Morse's upstanding cop back to further explore crime in New Orleans.

Adam's Mega Rave:
Kudos to Treme for delivering a stirring season finale — complete with a flashback that showed us just how much was lost when Katrina hit. I already can't wait to funk it up in Season 2.

Mickey's Mini Rant:
Listen up, people. Never make a dessert on Top Chef — ever!

Reader Quote of the Week: "It sounds like he'll be raising a different kind of bar now." — EDR37, on the news that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has signed on to play Nancy's booze-peddling love interest on Weeds

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