Chandra Wilson, LL Cool J, Jayma Mays Chandra Wilson, LL Cool J, Jayma Mays

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Will Bailey's boyfriend Ben be back next season on Grey's Anatomy? — Sheena
ADAM: Jason George's role on Off the Map, Shonda Rhimes' midseason show, doesn't necessarily mean the end of Bailey's romance, according to Chandra Wilson. Whatever happens, she says the relationship is important for Bailey's growth. "How many of us go through long-term relationships that end and then you have to sit there and figure out what to do now?" Wilson says. "That's her journey. ... It was about that discovery and how it will change her personality."

Any scoop on the new season of Glee? — Amy
MICKEY: Jayma Mays tells us how she heard that John Stamos had been cast to play a dentist/Emma's love interest. "I got a text message from a friend and all it said was: 'Uncle Jesse?'" she recalls with a laugh. The season finale set up a pretty clear love triangle among Mr. Schu, Emma and Dr. Teeth, but what if it's actually a square? The cutie-pie clean freak may be getting competition on all fronts from Jessalyn Gilsig's dastardly Terri.

What have you heard about next season of NCIS: Los Angeles? — Trent
ADAM: The team is getting some extra help: Look for them to sign on a tomboy-ish intelligence analyst who often speaks before she thinks. But she's also unflappable in a crisis.

How long will Mike and Susan live away from Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives? — Lacey
MICKEY: It's going to be for most of the season, which isn't encouraging. We've all seen how the show's momentum suffers when the ladies are split up for too long. On the upside, one of Susan's new neighbors will make her a surprising job offer. It suggests that Karl's will and Julie Benz's story line may just have been clever foreshadowing.  

Is it July 25 yet? I need Mad Men scoop! — Jackson
ADAM: Why would Matt Weiner be adding a political operative to the cast? Is Betty's beau running for office? Is Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce working on another political campaign? Hit the comments with your guesses.

How will they explain Steve Carell's departure from The Office? — Lowell
MICKEY: Well, obviously it's still very early, but our mole tells us that one plan reunites Michael with his "soupsnake," Holly, over the course of Carell's final season and then transfers them both back to Nashua. Here's the interesting part: In this scenario, nobody would replace Carell in the cast. Instead, the already large and talented ensemble would step up to fill the void, with Jim and Dwight's back-and-forth taking center stage. But maybe talented British actor Ricky Gervais is available?

What can you tell me about USA's new show Covert Affairs? — Wyatt
ADAM: Coyote Ugly's Piper Perabo stars as CIA trainee Annie Walker, whose instincts in the field help her earn an early promotion. But she's also not afraid to use her feminine wiles, as she does in the first episode, when she poses as a hooker. The show premieres Tuesday, July 13 at 10/9c.

Will we ever seen Johnny Drama act again on Entourage? — Charlie
MICKEY: No Viking Quest clips are forthcoming, and neither is any new work. Executive producer Doug Ellin tells us that this season will be about Drama's arduous quest for gainful employment, which Ellin finds far more entertaining.

So glad Rescue Me is back, but you've got to tell me who besides Tommy will end up in the hospital? — Denise
ADAM: I'll let the actor in question tell you. "There's a whole story line that comes up about Lou not taking care of himself as best he should," John Scurti tells us. "There's a price to pay for his love of cigars and martinis and beautiful women and food."

Will Debbie Pelt be as crazy on HBO's True Blood as she was in the books? — Tommy
MICKEY: I'm hearing yes, but not initially. Brit Morgan's debut will be somewhat restrained, and her character's quick temper and jealous streak will unveil themselves gradually. But once they do, watch out. "I'm going on a rampage against Sookie," Morgan tells us. "I'm not too happy with her."

Anything cool coming up on The Good Guys?Kyle
ADAM: How about a Homer Simpson cameo? Dan Castellaneta, who voices the Simpson patriarch, will play a bank robber with whom Bradley Whitford's Detective Stark has some history. The episode has an Ocean's Eleven vibe; the heists are never what they seem.

I can't wait for the new season of White Collar — where will it pick up? — Whitney
MICKEY: We'll see that plane explode once more, but then there will be a time jump that allows Neal to move on fairly quickly from Kate's death — yes, I said death. Plus: Diana (Lost's Marsha Thomason) is back!

Mickey's Mega Rave: The promising addition of Janeane Garofalo to the already interesting cast of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has me mentally setting my DVR now for its January 2011 debut. Anyone who saw her dramatic turns on The West Wing and 24 knows that she can handle rapid-fire technical dialogue under pressure. Unsubs, beware!

Adam's Mini Rant: True Blood's "twist" ending was a cheap attempt to distract us from an otherwise boring Season 3.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Let's get Robin Sparkles in on this action!" — sirlizard, on the news that two (real) former pop stars, Tiffany and Deborah Gibson, will face off in an upcoming movie

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