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I can't believe we already lost a beloved character on True Blood! Please give me some happier scoop about the final season. — May

How about some new blood? You'll soon meet a chiseled new vamp who gets pulled into the H-vamp war. And when he sets his eyes on one lucky Bon Temps lady, he'll prove to be just as good a lover as he is a fighter. Although the object of his affection is initially a bit heartsore and unsure about entering into a new relationship, she eventually lets the good times roll when they get down and dirty on a pool table. 

Is it too early to ask about Homeland's new season? I just have to know what the show is going to do without Brody! — Margaret
Brody may be dead and gone, but executive producer Howard Gordon insists that the character will not be forgotten. "The story finds Carrie in an emotional space that is very much a continuation of last year's story, and the specter of Brody is still felt very strongly," Gordon says. How strongly? Well, his kid will be running around! That's right, Gordon confirms that Carrie, who seemed on the fence about keeping the baby last year, will be juggling parenting duties when the new season begins. "This year tells the story of Carrie and her evolution as CIA officer but also as a woman, who now turns out to be a mother," Gordon says.

Bill telling Ginny on Masters of Sex that he can't live without her made me swoon! Tell me they'll get together  in Season 2. — Linda
As any history buff knows, they will... eventually. Unsurprisingly, they consummate his, uh, declaration when Season2 resumes, but they will decide by the end of the premiere whether they should continue to mix business with pleasure. In related news, Ginny will also give a definitive answer to Ethan's proposal. 

Did Chloe really side with Adrian over Jack on 24or is she just playing him? After the President Heller fake-out, I don't trust anything! — Jake 
While it seems Chloe picked a side, don't be surprised if Adrian's nefarious dealings with CIA Chief Navarro end up changing Chloe's mind. In other words, she's totally going to go back to Jack, right? "Adrian and Chloe have a bond, and that bond is now going to be tested," executive producerManny Coto teases. "Chloe's going to come to a position where she must choose between her loyalty to Adrian and her loyalty to Jack. What side she comes out on will be part of the fun of the episode." Yeah, totally Jack.

I'm so glad that Barbie isn't going to die on Under the Dome! I got worried when I saw that his dad was going to appear. — Lance
Fear not, the introduction of his dad (Lost alum Brett Cullen) will actually serve as a "revelation that's unexpected in terms of who Barbie really is," executive producer Neal Baer tells me. "His father runs a multinational company, so Barbie is not a poor, working-class kid." Perhaps even more troubling for Barbie: I hear Pops has a surprising connection to one of the new characters being introduced this season.

I really liked The Last Ship. What's coming up next? — Sean
Did you catch lab rat Quincy's mysterious phone call at the end of the pilot? You'll very soon find out who was on the other line (hint: they also have a very big boat) and why he appears to be betraying Dr. Scott. Fortunately, before that big showdown, Capt. Chandler & Co. will stop off at Guantanamo Bay, where they pick up some new faces who prove to be valuable assets. The bad news: Gitmo is also crawling with some Al Qaeda prisoners who want to make the Nathan James crew go boom.

What's the state of Abbie and Ichabod's relationship when Sleepy Hollow returns? — Gina
It's probably not in the best place. After all, Abbie probably won't be too happy about being left behind in Purgatory, even if it was for the greater good. "There's a real question of trust," executive producer Len Wiseman tells me. "If it's ever broken once, can you ever get it back again?" Their relationship will continue to be tested next season when they face a very difficult choice. Let's just say it's not easy being a Witness!

Irzu was making Irissa do and see some bad things in the Defiance premiere. Should I be worried about her? — Chantelle
It turns out Irzu might not be as bad as we think. Or, at least, that's what she wants Irissa to believe when the duo is involved in a near-fatal stand-off in Episode 3. When Irissa refuses to continue killing for Irzu, the mystical being proves just how powerful she is, while also providing Irissa insight into exactly who she is.

I'd like some Mistresses scoop, particularly on Savi. Thanks. — Preston
Savi's issues with her mother are nothing compared to what's in store when her dad (guest star John Heard) comes to town! Even though he walked out on the family when Savi was young, "Savi pretty much blames her mom for all the things she could blame a parent for," executive producer KJ Steinberg says. However, her visit with her dad will finally serve as a "wakeup call," Steinberg says. "Up until the moment where she confronts her father, [he] can do no wrong. But we will learn just how wrong he can do." Guesses anyone?

I'm so glad Falling Skies is back. What can you tease? — Marcus
The Espheni will set their sights on discovering the identity of the mysterious Ghost who has been helping those trapped in the internment camp. But when the Espheni threat grows, Tom will take the ultimate risk by going to their ship in search of a way to destroy the fences once and for all. But will he actually be able to help everyone escape?

I can't believe Evan and Paige are in therapy on Royal Pains! Should I be worried about any upcoming bumps in the road for them?  Jeanine
Actually, Jeanine, you should actually turn your concern to Hank, who will spend some time on the couch himself this summer when a new woman enters his life and throws our favorite doctor for a serious loop. Maybe the Lawson brothers can get a 2-for-1 discount?

I love seeing Scott Michael Foster back on ABC Family on Chasing Life! Will any other Greek alums pop up? — Sherry
Yep! Now that April's BFF Beth quit her job at the coffeehouse, she will go to work for Nora Kirkpatrick (best known to Greek pledges as Panhellenic's tough president Katherine) in the second half of the season. Fortunately for Beth, Kirkpatrick's character isn't as much of a hard-ass this time around.  Although executive producer Patrick Sean Smith wouldn't say too much about Beth's new gig, he did hint that it has something to do with design. "[Beth] has a very special, distinct style," he says.

Mega Rave: Best casting of the week goes to Orange Is the New Black for adding Mary Steenburgen to its ranks as Pornstache's mom. When does Season 3 start again?

Mini Rant: Hey, Sony! Isn't it time to just let Community go while we still have fond memories? The show's protracted death is no fun for anyone.

This Week's Recommendation: The Leftovers (Sunday at 10/9c, HBO) Lost's Damon Lindelof returns to TV with an adaptation of Tom Perrotta's novel about what happens when 2 percent of the world's population suddenly disappears. Yes, it asks tons of questions with few answers, but call us suckers for totally being drawn into these characters' heartache and confusion. We may have a new summer obsession.

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