Mark Feuerstein, <em>Royal Pains</em> Mark Feuerstein, Royal Pains

As Royal Pains heads into what will likely be its penultimate season, producers have one goal in mind: to give Hank (Mark Feuerstein) a happy ending.

"Hank is beginning a journey that in a way started off somewhere around the pilot," producer Michael Rauch tells "He's slowly becoming a part of the Hamptons, in a good way. He's feeling very comfortable in his life there, and there may be one element in his life that's missing, which is finding his true love."

Rauch teases that a major event in the Season 7 premiere will make this a more pressing matter for Hank — so it's probably safe to assume that Charlotte (Gillian Alexy) won't be sticking around for long. But will Hank find new love, or return to a romance that seemed like it was meant to be - like, say, Jill (Jill Flint)? "We rule nothing out," Rauch teases, when asked about Jill possibly returning.

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But Rauch also adds: "There will be new characters introduced, new love interests. Hank kind of has, as we all do, these boxes to check of the things that you feel like will make you compatible with someone and make you happy. It becomes his search to find someone with whom he can be happy."

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